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Announcing CMS Made Simple 1.6.7 - Teremba Bay

Posted February 23, 2010 by Ted Kulp

This is a security release, with the bonus of having some feature and bug fixes as well. It's recommended that you upgrade as soon as possible, since this flaw has been published and could possible be being exploited as we speak. Thanks to Beenu Arora and 0x6a616d6573 for testing and pointing out the flaws. Below is the full list of changes. Enjoy! Version 1.6.7 - Teremba Bay ----------------------------- - #3999 Upload a file with apostrophe make problem - #4137 small text typo in admin/login.php - #4192 Extra Page Attribute's are listed in the wrong order - #4208 Don't show inactive template in the page 404 - #4431 UDT names not validated when being edited - Improvements to XML module generation - Fixes to prevent possible remote file inclusion vulnerabilities - Minor improvements to the News module - New version of TinyMCE - Improvements to File Manager and Image Manager - Improvements to Module Manager; upgrade now possible from the "Available Upgrades"-tab - Adsense-plugin modified, to accept the ad_slot parameter

3rd workshop for Dutch CMS Made Simple users on January 23

Posted January 5, 2010 by Ronny Krijt

Coming January 23, starting at 11:00 AM, the third Dutch-speaking CMSMS users workshop will be held. The location chosen is Amersfoort (again), which lies in the center of the Netherlands. The agenda will be quite diverse. For the full agenda (in Dutch), click here. For the forum-post (in Dutch) with the list of registered users, check the following post of "erpee". The organisation of this workshop is done by different users: The post in the forum For those that want to join in, just leave a reply in the thread. Ronny

CMS Made Simple Reaches Three Quarters of a Million Downloads.

Posted October 22, 2009 by Robert Campbell

Today CMS Made Simple, our favorite award winning Open Source Content Management System reached an important milestone: we surpassed 750,000 downloads since the original release of CMS Made Simple 0.1 in July of 2004! Reflecting the growing favor for CMSMS in the web development community, these downloads demonstrate that people agree: CMS Made Simple is a great tool. The latest release (version 1.6.6) has been downloaded over 9900 times since its release at the beginning of October, or approximately 520 times each day (not including direct check-outs from our SVN repository). This groundswell of support is the result of thousands of developers recognizing how CMSMS can simplify their web site deployments. They are seeing how it helps them to build feature rich, dynamic websites that empower end users to maintain their own content. Handing control over to end users then allows the website developer to move on to the next project. CMS Made Simple is used by thousands of professional web developers all over the world to develop web presence sites for small businesses, corporations, standards organizations, magazines, charities, and whatever you can imagine. At this point, The CMSMS development team would like to thank our user community for their outstanding support of this product over the last few years. This incredible enthusiasm gives us the energy to continue developing the best content management system for professional web developers and their customers. (CMS Made Simple is a free, PHP based, community developed, Open Source Content Management System released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.)

Announcing CMS Made Simple 1.6.6 - Bonde

Posted October 3, 2009 by Robert Campbell

This is primarily a bugfix release again... trimming off of the issues that our users have encountered, particularly those related to those using pretty urls which append a / to all the urls (I still don't know why people do this.... why not use .php or .html for extensions, I dunno). Additionally, we think we've solved once and for all an issue that caused the imagemanager to redirect back to the admin login form... and why some people had problems getting the wysiwyg editor to work. it was related to their hosts not having session.use_cookies enabled. This is not a recommended setting, and although we've added in some code to let this work in the short term, we will not be supporting it in future versions of CMSMS. So please everybody, make sure your hosts turn this on. Below is the full list of changes. Enjoy Version 1.6.6 - Bonde ----------------------------- - #3777 Documentation Error: redirect_url plugin - #3923 Adminlog download, tab separator single quoted - #3926 Little typo in stylesheet. - #3935 Validation error in stylesheet 'Accessibility and cross-browser tools' - #4002 menu parameter start_level='2' don't show results. - #4068 Admin Log, update "HTML Blob" to "Global Content Block" - #4118 die() with blank page - Fix problem with showinmenu for separators. - Fix error pages being able to be set inactive in listcontent. - Fix error in permissions checking for copying content. - Fixes issues with the PDF output only working of the pdf flag was turned OFF - Submit is not taken on forms, when .htaccess is used and page_extension = ''. *** FIXES RELATED TO session.use_cookies == off **** NOTE: This is not a recommended setting, and future versions of CMSMS will not in any way support this setting. Please contact your hosts to ensure that this setting is enabled properly. - This issue has probably been the cause of many tinyMCE issues in the past. - The install and upgrade routines will fail if this setting is off - The install and upgrade routines now explicitly check for this setting. - TinyMCE 2.2.5 now supports session.use_cookies == off (for now) - ImageManager no longer displays the login screen with session.use_cookies == off

DNS Outage [Fixed]

Posted September 18, 2009 by Ted Kulp

Just a quick word on the outage on Friday night. Since the very beginning, CMSMS has been using Zoneedit as their DNS hosting provider. This was in the days before every domain registrar offering their own DNS hosting, so Zoneedit was the perfect solution for some quick, free DNS hosting. Since budget was such an issue in those days, we gladly accepted it. Early Friday night, we started getting random reports of CMSMS sites not being able to resolve. Of course, since all of our DNS hosting was on Zoneedit, it was the only place to look for answers. It looked like ns19 (our first server) was totally out, and ns8 (the secondary) was intermittently answering. We let it go for a few hours, but things weren't getting resolved and more and more people started to question what was going on. So late Friday evening, I decided to move the DNS totally over to Godaddy, since that's where the domain is registered anyway. I've been using the service for a few years and never had any issues, so I figured that it can't hurt. However, at some point in the near future, I will come up with a tertiary DNS server, so that if Godaddy does experience some kind of outage, we'll at least have one more server to handle any new requests. DNS name server changes can take anywhere between 1 and 72 hours to show up, depending on network conditions and your ISP's caching. Most users should be fixed shortly, and if not, patience please... the DNS changes should be coming down your line soon. Hopefully we won't have any more issues like this in the future.

Announcing CMS Made Simple 1.6.5 - Poya

Posted September 5, 2009 by Robert Campbell

This is primarily a bug fix release... with a number of 'relatively important' fixes. It is recommended you upgrade your site(s) at your earliest convenience. Version 1.6.5 - Poya ----------------------------- - Fixes a problem with bulk deletion of pages that have inactive children. - Fixes many problems with ability to get content objects - Fixes the CreateFormStart method to reliably get the page url. - Fixes problem with pretty urls (internal or mod_rewrite) and GET parameters on the URL. - Printing - Fixes problem with stylesheet not being found if pretty urls were being used - Fixes problem with parsing the URL to print. - News - Fixes trivial issue with editing an article that had expiry dates set. - MenuManager - Fixes problem with having a default database template - Fixes problem with being able to delete the default database template. - TinyMCE - Fixed bug disabling the wysiwyg togglebox upon saving the basic toolbar profile - Fixed bug with truncated menutexts with quotes in them not getting properly escaped, breaking config - Updated to latest TinyMCE 3.2.6

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