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We use Slack for our chat support, and you're welcome to join us! Our Slack workspace contains a public channel, #cms, which you can request access to by using the form below. Volunteer members of the Dev Team and the community are usually available, but hang around if nobody answers you right away - we all have different time zones and schedules.

Request access to the CMS Made Simple Slack workspace.

Note: This form is for requesting access to the Slack channel. Don't put your question here, just sit tight and wait for your invite (we try to get them out within a few hours, but sometimes we're asleep).
You will receive an invite to join our community chat. This is not a support request form.

Note: Slack requests are typically processed within one working day. You will receive an email from Slack inviting you to join - please check your spam folder if you do not receive it.


Our IRC service is now discontinued. Thanks for spending the past fifteen years with us!

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