The CMSMS™ Partner Program is designed to meet the needs of the world wide user community by providing access to a regional network of System Integrators, Hosting Providers, and other professionals with CMSMS™ expertise.

Interested in becoming a partner?

To become an official CMSMS™ partner, please send a detailed email to our . Pricing and options can be found at Become a Partner.

Hosting Partners

Our hosting partners are vetted by the CMSMS Dev Team to ensure they meet or exceed our installation requirements. When looking for a host, please consider our partners so we can continue working on the CMS you love!


CMS Made Simple Hosting from HostPapa is easily installed on all web hosting accounts in 1-click. HostPapa provides optimized CMS Made Simple Hosting (CMSMS) servers providing our customers a better hosting experience, including faster loading speeds with our optimized CMSMS SSD-cached servers. Get your website up and running using CMSMS in minutes.

HostPapa’s SSD-cached servers are ideal for CMSMS, and our PapaSquad support team is available 24/7/365 to support all CMS Made Simple users with our exclusive one-on-one training sessions, or use our indepth knowledge base full of CMS Made Simple self-help articles to get you up and running fast. CMS Made Simple Hosting from HostPapa - Highly Recommended!

A2 Hosting

When looking for CMS Made Simple Hosting, choose the host who makes things simple for you. That's A2 Hosting! Just log into your control panel, click the Softaculous icon and install CMS Made Simple with 1-click. You can also install CMSMS right from our order form!

Just because we make things easier for you doesn't mean we skimp on the features; quite the opposite actually. Your account is all-inclusive. You'll never be charged a hidden fee and you can host as many sites as you want. We even throw in features like our exclusive Server Rewind Backups as well as our free CDN.

We take your site's uptime seriously, so your account is ultra-reliable. Our superb around the clock support team is always available to answer your questions. These are all reasons why CMS Made Simple recommends us!


CMSMS Partners allow us to do big things. Please support them!

Supporting Partners

Our Supporting Partners are companies who are experienced with CMS Made Simple, and have demonstrated that they understand CMSMS and web development best practices, and focus on quality code.

Corporate Sponsors

These companies support CMSMS, so we encourage you to support them!


Supporters are the wonderful people who contribute to their favourite Content Management System, yet ask for nothing in return.

  • Helminikon

Development Sponsors

Development sponsors are those individuals or companies that are providing developer resources or funding to support the project's core code base. If you are interested in becoming an official CMSMS™ Development Sponsor, please send a detailed email to our .

Basecamp Sponsor

Matt Hornsby Production Graphics

Specializing in responsive design and custom CMS Made Simple sites, upgrades, and maintenance.

Browserstack Sponsor


Browserstack loves open source, and is proud to offer its services free of charge to the CMS Made Simple Dev Team

Development Sponsors

Our Partners: