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To bug or not to bug - bug reporting done right

Posted April 14, 2015 by compufairy
Category: General, Community, Announcements, Tutorials

In the past 10+ years we have seen and had many a discussion in our community about bug reports and feature requests for CMS Made Simpleâ„¢ that were marked as invalid and then closed by a developer.

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Announcing CMS Made Simple 1.12 - Pohnpei

Posted April 12, 2015 by mr101010
Category: Releases

Today we are announcing the latest in the stream of releases for CMSMS 1.x. Version 1.12 - Pohnpei. This release can be called a 'security and stability' release where we primarily made changes related to security, but also attempted to resolve or improve a number of outstanding issues.

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Where Are The Templates?

Posted March 26, 2015 by JoMorg
Category: General

Often I find topics on the forum where people inquire about finding professional templates specifically made for CMS Made Simple. Almost as often there are also critical voices, usually amongst the replies to those topics, saying that CMSMS needs more templates, both freely and commercially available. In my point of view CMSMS has the largest repository of templates in the internet.

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Announcing CMS Made Simple 1.11.13 - Security Release

Posted February 20, 2015 by mr101010
Category: General, Releases

Important Security Release
Although we had not planned on releasing a new version of CMSMS for a while yet, a few security vulnerabilities (some that were reported to us, others that we found ourselves) have forced our hand.

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How GeekMoot can supercharge your business.

Posted February 19, 2015 by scotch33
Category: General, Events, Geek

As I sit writing this article, I’m thinking about the jobs that I have on at the moment. There are quite a few. I can honestly say that around 50% of them would not be mine (or at least not in the way they are being done) without previous GeekMoots. In those previous GeekMoots I have found customers, forged and solidified relationships with suppliers, plus I have learned a great deal about CMSMS on the way. Oh, and I joined the Dev team!

Geekmoot is a fun weekend attended by serious people. For most attendees it will at least mean travelling over one border. For many it will mean a long journey through sea and air to get to Ghent. People don’t come to GeekMoot on a whim. People come to get something serious out of it.

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Announcing CMS Made Simple 2.0-beta3

Posted January 10, 2015 by mr101010
Category: General, Releases

Today, after a great deal of effort in development and testing, we are pleased to announce the third—and hopefully final—beta of CMS Made Simple 2.0.

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