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CMSMS Places in Packt's Overall 2007 Open Source CMS Award

Posted November 2, 2007 by Ted Kulp

I'm pleased to report that CMS Made Simple won the 3rd place prize for the Overall Open Source CMS award. I must say that this is a huge honor. I was really excited that we were nominated, but never expected to place or win anything. I just want to thank the other developers that work on this project. You guys really help keep this project going strong. And of course, thanks to the community for not only voting, but supporting us as well.

And the winner is...

Posted October 20, 2007 by Daniel Westergren

Time has come to finally announce the winner of the design competition! First we wish to thank all who submitted their designs and made it a tough call for us to decide. Let's hear some drum rolls... as we announce the winner... Steve Sicherman! Steve - who is from Saskatoon, Canada - is currently working together with the Development Team with the markup for his design. It may take awhile before the site is dressed in its new clothes, as we also will do some restructuring in the process. For the curious of you, have a preview of the homepage and an example of the sub pages. We are very happy with Steve's design and think this will give a fresh, new look to the website of CMS Made Simple. For this, Steve will be sent some CMSMS swag as I learnt the Americans call it, that is some stuff with the CMSMS logo on it. For more info about Steve Sicherman and his work, please visit his website at There are some great examples of other designs he has made there too. Steve Sicherman writes this about himself:
I've been designing web sites since '95, and working for companies building enterprise-level Content Management Systems for about 6 years. My experience in the industry is what drew me to CMS Made Simple, I was very surprised to find an open source CMS application that was doing so many things right. While there are a number of powerful Open Source CMS's out there, CMSMS is the only one I'm comfortable handing over to clients with very little experience updating web content.
Again, our thanks to Steve and to everyone who submitted their designs! Sorry to those who would have liked to take part to, but weren't able to because of time constraints... There is a redesign of the themes site in the making, so we look forward to some great designs being posted there.

About announcement of the winner of the design competition

Posted October 16, 2007 by Daniel Westergren

Yesterday we were to announce the winner in the design competition. We have received several excellent design entries, that we are very grateful for! However, we have asked for a few more examples with slight changes before making the final announcement of the winner within a couple of days. We thank you for your patience and look forward as much as you all to see the site dressed in the new design!

Announcing CMS Made Simple 1.2

Posted October 15, 2007 by Robert Campbell

At long last here it is. We've released it, the final package has had some testing, and we think that this is stable. Hopefully I'm not deleting this post in 15 minutes. Anyways, Here is the list of what has changed in 1.2: Version 1.2 "Barbados" ----------------- - Adds capabilities to have a wysiwyg on the front end - Adds the ability to select 'groups' as additional editors - Now the 'admin group' automatically has all permissions, not just the admin user - Add a new page where default settings for new pages can be set - Adds a new file manager - Enhance the use of permissions when adding or editing content - Adds a new 'print' plugin capable of generating pdf filees from one or more pages - News 2.5.1 * Moved the default summary and detail templates into their own tab * Adds An extra field - Fix issues with stylesheet name changes after hitting 'apply' - Fixes issues with spaces or underscores not being allowed in usernames - Fixes pagination issues in the admin log, and anywhere that uses the built in pagination functions. - Turn error reporting to E_ALL and turn display_errors on if debug mode is on. - You can no longer delete the admin group Notes:
  • This is the New 'Stable' version, the 1.1 branch will no longer be maintained, unless there are circumstances that force us to do so
  • We intend this to be the last version of the 1.x series unless there are critical bugs or security issues that pop up
  • Some items (particularly with frontend News that didn't appear in the beta cycle were not important enough to restart the beta process for, and therefore will be taken care of in subsequent versions of News
Many thanks to the considerable effort expended by numerous people in this beta cycle. Alot of people have put their time and effort into making this a stable release, so that we can have tiime to donate to 2.0 to make it an order of magnitude better than CMS already is (and that seems like it'll be a hard task).

Announcing CMS Made Simple - Critical Update

Posted October 7, 2007 by Ted Kulp

The ChangeLog looks a little something like this: Version "Taga" -- October 07 2007 ----------------- - Fix one issue in adodb_lite that cropped up after release Version 1.1.4 "Taga" -- October 07 2007 ----------------- - Fixes an XSS issue in the anchor tag - Fixes an XSS issue in listtags - Adds a permission check to adduser.php - More fixes for potential security issues with adodb_lite - Added a permission check to view the admin log Sorry for everyone that got 1.1.4. Sometimes we jump the gun a little bit when there is pressure to get a security release out into everyone's hands. It's best that it was on a Sunday (and a holiday in some areas of the world), so hopefully not too many people were affected. If you were, I apologize. Thanks! Ted

Announcing CMS Made Simple

Posted September 22, 2007 by Tatu Wikman

So, 1.1.3 had a small problem with stylesheets which is now fixed in We recommend that all users upgrade their sites as soon as possible. The files (including diffs) can be found on the download page here or on the forge.

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