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Call for Volunteers

Posted October 17, 2008 by Keith Lauchlan

During the discussions at this years' GeekMoot, one recurring item that came up was the issue of resources -- specifically the need for people. The good news is that while we were webcasting, we had a few people step up to the plate and offer to help out which was great but we're still on the lookout. I think a lot of us on the developer team take it for granted that we welcome volunteers. However, we thought we'd make a formal announcement to that effect. So ... if there's something that you want to improve, something that bugs you and that you can fix, please jump in and do it! To be effective, you should coordinate with us. Generally, the best way to do that is join us in the IRC Channel (also accessible via the Forum. For even more information, take a look at the IRC Support Page. If you know you want to help, but don't know what needs doing, we're always looking for people to help on:
  • Documentation
    • Tutorials
    • How-Tos
    • Screencasts / demos - show people how to solve common problems, or show the clever ways you accomplished something cool on your site
  • Design
    • Themes (both user-facing and admin)
    • Logos and promotional items, for T-Shirts, mugs, etc.
    • UI / interface designs - got ideas for an easy way to improve usability in modules, the admin, or the default templates?
    • Powerpoint or other marketing materials to use to demonstrate or promote CMSMS (e.g., to conferences or users groups)
  • Coding
    • Bug Fixes - send your patches to the forge!
    • Features - have you added functionality? Got ideas you'd like to implement?
    • Modules - writing modules is fun, useful, and oh-so-profitable! Here's your chance to get in on the action.
    • Demos - are you willing to set up a Virtual Appliance demo? A bootable demo CD image? Some other cool way of showing off CMSMS?
    • Core/2.0 - are you a database optimization expert? A top notch coder? Here's your chance to help us make this the best system ever.
  • Other Stuff
    • Promotion - demo CMS MS to your local classroom, user's group, or boss. Write articles or letters about it.
    • Nominate CMSMS for awards, or vote for it where it's already been nominated.
    • Donate money.
So there you are: a lot of opportunities to make your mark, and to make CMS Made Simple even better!

Forge Downtime

Posted October 3, 2008 by Ted Kulp

Hey all, I apologize for the downtime of the forge server lately. We're currently working with the hosting provider to track down the issue. I pulled the server down last night for a couple of hours to do some maintenance work on the file system... which I'm hoping will fix the random lockups and weird file corruption we've been seeing over the last couple of weeks. Only time will tell whether this actually fixed it or not, but I'm feeling confident that linode knows what they're doing. I'll keep everyone posted and thanks for your patience!

Vote for CMS Made Simple in the Packt CMS Awards 08

Posted September 1, 2008 by Keith Lauchlan

Now that CMS Made Simple has been nominated in the Packt 2008 Open Source CMS Awards it's time for the community to turn out the vote and help make us winners in one or both of the following categories:
  1. Most Promising Open Source CMS Award Finalists
  2. Best Open Source PHP CMS Award Finalists
Not only will the project gain prestige and exposure from being ranked in this award but the prize money will help towards development costs and help speed the arrival of CMSMS 2.0. So gather your friends and colleagues get voting!!

Nominate CMSMS - 2008 PACKT AWARDS

Posted August 24, 2008 by sportman

Help make CMSMS award winning again

We got around to this a little late this year but there's still time to nominate us for th Packt CMS Awards in the Overall Best CMS Category. You'll have to hurry though as the nominations close August 25th!

CMSMS 'Geek Moot' 2008 this weekend

Posted August 20, 2008 by Keith Lauchlan

A number of associates and developers of CMS Made Simple will be meeting in Philadelphia over the weekend to discuss the future of the project. We will meet up in downtown Philly on Friday night for dinner and discussion. The formal meeting will take place in the Fairless Hills neighbourhood on Saturday and Sunday and will be available *live* via Mogulus starting at 10.00 EDT/14.00 GMT on Saturday 23rd. The formal discussion agenda over the weekend looks like this.
  1. Manpower issues
  2. Documentation
  3. 1.5 vs. 2.0
  4. Open bugs for 1.x
  5. 2.0
  6. The *New* Forge
  7. Roadmap: 90 day, 180 day, year, long term
  8. How to "sell" CMSMS -- marketing and attendance at tradeshows such as SXSW, the MySQL conf, etc.
  9. Bug squashing and doc writing session (if time allows)
The group will also host a live Q&A Session (also over Mogulus, see above) for an hour from 14.00 EDT/18:00 GMT on Saturday. Feel free to join in the discussion and ask anything that's relevant.

2008 Geek Moot Donation Drive

Posted August 15, 2008 by Ted Kulp

Hey all, Well, between vacation and some life changes, I'm a little behind on everything CMS related. Luckily, things are getting back to normal (I'll post as to why next week)... but I'm now playing catchup on a lot of things. In fact, here is one thing I should've done 2 weeks ago. The CMS Developer Geek Moot 2008 is next weekend. I'll be having 6 people come to my house for the weekend to talk all things CMSMS. With that, I want to show people a good time. Furthermore, we've discussed the idea of putting the meeting up on a broadcasting site of some sorts for the community to watch and interact with. We also want to video conference in Calguy this year properly. However, to do that with some kind of decent quality, I need to get some equipment. Here's what I propose... I'm looking to raise $700 in less that a week. $350 of it will be for a 10 channel USB mixer and 6 lavaliere microphones. The rest will be used for beer, steaks, and potentially a nice dinner for the group. I want to handle this like last year. Donators will be added to this post on a daily basis and moved over to the donations list on the main site. I might be a bit slow on updating today and tomorrow, as I'll be driving from South Carolina to Philly to conclude my vacation. But the rest of the time, I'll update the previous day's donations the next morning. Assuming we raise the money in time, I'll post the broadcasting details later this week along with pictures of the setup and probably run a few tests to make sure it's all working correctly. What do you guys think? I know it's a little last minute, but I think we can pull this off and have a really great developer's conference this year again. Thanks! To make a donation, click the Paypal link:
donate through paypal
Sorry for the delay posting Friday and Saturday -- Saturday was a VERY long day! Friday Gustavo Fanger - $10 Mathias Linden - $7 Rob Lee - $150 David Nägele - $10 Ronny Krijt - $50 Alex Hertz - $100 Noel McGran - $50 Saturday Cybercom Software - $100 Jordan Hlebarov - $5 Einar Povl Abrahamsen - $5 Sunday Tatu Wikman - $60 Turner Technology, Inc. - $50 Suspire Media - $50 Data Concepts Unlimited, Inc. - $50 Concept Factory Pty Ltd - $100 Monday emotion - - $100 Marten Wilmink - $50 - $100 Tony Sandland - $150 Jan Oliver Waldeck - $20 Tuesday Richard Wallace - $175 Maine Webworks - $25 Wednesday Benjamin Sion - Studio Circa - $50 Stephan Krause - - $30 Total: $1497

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