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Announcing CMS Made Simple 1.8.2 - Toliara

Posted August 12, 2010 by ted
Category: General, Releases, Announcements

This release is mainly to fix the issues that people with older sites had with the removal of the use_hierarchy option in config.php. To make sure that people don't mess up their SEO after an upgrade, we've put the option back in.

We've also done a few bug fixes, including a fix to the cms_stylesheet plugin, a bug in Menu Manager, and a few other things that should've been fixed awhile ago.

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Nominate CMSMS for the Packt Publishing Open Source Awards

Posted August 9, 2010 by ted
Category: General, Events, Community, Announcements

It's time again for the Packt Publishing Open Source Awards. These awards give amazing exposure for CMS Made Simple, and we'd love to be a finalist again this year. Please nominate us as soon as you can. We need all the help we can get!

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CMS Made Simple is Looking for PHP Developers

Posted August 5, 2010 by ted
Category: General, Community, Geek

With 2.0's upcoming alpha release coming very soon, we're looking for a few more PHP coders to add to the ranks of our motley crew of developers to help to push it along a little faster. Do you have the PHP5, OO and MySQL skills to join us? We sure hope so. Sound interesting? Read on.

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Announcing CMS Made Simple 1.8.1 - Mankara

Posted July 13, 2010 by tyman00
Category: General, Releases, Announcements

This release fixes an important security vulnerability, we recommend that ALL users upgrade as soon as possible.

The local inclusion vulnerability fixed is old and affects many previous versions of CMSMS. Therefore it is important for ALL installations to be upgraded as soon as possible.

This release also fixes all of the issues encountered with the CMSMS 1.8 release due to the overhaul of the translation function. Your performance in the admin section should be back to normal following this upgrade.

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Announcing CMS Made Simple 1.8 - Madagascar

Posted July 3, 2010 by compufairy
Category: General, Releases, Announcements

Onwards and upwards we go. The dev team is proud to announce the latest version of your favorite content management system. This version is primarily aimed at rounding out some of the rough edges that our primary audience (experienced, professional web developers) have experienced with CMS Made Simple. There are a number of new features to enhance performance not only of the website itself, but to make doing some mundane tasks faster and easier. As well, we've added some power for the contributing programmers, and fixed quite a few nagging bugs. We will now have a lot more to talk about at the Geekmoot in Amsterdam this September.

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New Site Launch

Posted June 28, 2010 by ted
Category: Sites, Announcements

After weeks of blood, sweat and tears, we've finally launched our long awaited redesign. It's taken approximately two months from design to implementation to launch, but we're finally here. Along with our main site, we've also reskinned the forums and wiki to match what will be our new look and feel.

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