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Announcing CMSMS Version 1.10 Beta1

Posted August 20, 2011 by calguy1000
Category: General, Releases

The dev team is proud to announce the latest version of CMS Made Simple is now in beta. This version continues the development of the 1.0 series with some exciting new features that enhance the admin experience and make maintaining a site an even more efficient process. Our focus for this release is to make CMSMS Faster, Lighter, and Stronger. A number of old and redundant elements have been exchanged or removed to further streamline your favorite software.

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CMSMS 2.0 Project Shelved

Posted May 26, 2011 by calguy1000
Category: General, Announcements

Today we have an announcement about the future direction of CMS Made Simple. After extensive discussion amongst the development team regarding our roadmap, we’ve made a decision which we know is the best way to continue ongoing development of the software. This decision relates to the development and release of “CMSMS 2.0”.

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Announcing CMSMS - Security Release

Posted May 25, 2011 by calguy1000
Category: Releases

Today we would like to announce a fix for an important security vulnerability that was detected in all running versions of CMS Made Simple.

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CMS Made Simple Development Cookbook now on sale

Posted May 13, 2011 by scotch33
Category: General, Community, Announcements

A brand new book by Dev Team Member Samuel Goldstein is now available from Packt Publishing.

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Announcing CMSMS 1.9.4 - Faanui

Posted March 5, 2011 by calguy1000
Category: General, Releases

Your CMSMS Dev team is once again proud to announce the release of yet another version of CMSMS. This is primarily a bug fix release. We've tackled some of the important issues that remained from CMSMS 1.9.3 including supporting newer versions of MySQL, and miscelaneous caching issues. We've also implemented a few minor performance improvements that should result in a minor performance boost for most websites.

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A call for marketing enthusiasts to join the CMSMS marketing team

Posted February 9, 2011 by scotch33
Category: General, Community

The CMSMS marketing team is looking for volunteers to join us and help get the project out to a wider audience. If you are a talented marketing individual then this CMS needs you! We are looking to find ‘can-do’ people for the following volunteer positions..

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