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You can find documentation about installing and upgrading CMS Made Simple™ at our docs website!

Latest Stable Release

Version: 1.11.10
Released On: 01. 02. 2014
Size: 5292184 Downloads: 13574
Release Notes | Changelog

Other Packages

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Previous Stable Release

Version: 1.11.9
Released On: 28. 09. 2013
Size: 5034174 Downloads: 21231
Release Notes | Changelog

Other Packages

Other Unstable or Older Releases

All releases are available in the file release system
Be aware no versions below v1.9.4 are compatible with MySQL 5.5+
Versions 1.7 and above requires minimum PHP 5.2.4+ (recommended PHP 5.2.12+).

Translation Files

We include translation files for over 20 languages if you go with full package. You can as an alternative go with clean "english" package and download the extra translation files required and include them with your base "english" download before transferring to your web host.

Translation files can be found here. (You will only need the latest...)

Modules, Tags and Themes

You can find Modules and Tags in the Forge.

Themes and Admin Themes might be found at the Themes Site.


If you want to be brave, feel free to check out the latest version of CMS Made Simple from the Subversion repository. You can do this from a shell with the following command:
svn co http://svn.cmsmadesimple.org/svn/cmsmadesimple/branches/trunk

This is a dynamic piece of software that is updated frequently so if you are using SVN please be aware that things can and will change and you might even lose some information. That's just the way it works. Please do not report bugs or flaws or problems when using the SVN version of the software (it is usually a work in progress, and may not be functional at some points in time). We will not support anybody using the SVN version of the software in any production site.

You can also browse the source in SVN from your browser here

Arvixe - A CMSMS Partner