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Official CMSMS™ Releases

Current released version is 2.2.19. You can download it by clicking on the button below.

First time user? Read instructions on how to install CMSMS™ in our Documentation.

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Download CMSMS™ 2.2.19 (5.04 MB)

Released: Nov 28, 2023

Other Packages

Other Unstable or Older Releases

All releases are available in the File Release System.

Note: Only the latest two stable releases are officially supported.


Advanced developers may wish to check out the latest version of CMS Made Simple from the Subversion repository. You can do this from a shell with the following command:
svn co

This is a dynamic piece of software that is updated frequently so if you are using SVN please be aware that things can and will change and you might even lose some information. Do not report bugs, flaws, or problems when using the SVN version of the software (it is usually a work in progress, and may not be functional at some points in time).
We are unable to support anybody using the SVN version of the software in any production site.

You can also browse the source in SVN from your browser here

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