CMSMS™ allows web developers to construct an intricate site with code that makes sense, whilst maintaining the integrity of the designer’s vision seamlessly. The mix-and-match ideology is favorable for experienced devs, yet still very intuitive for less savvy users. Plus, content folks have full reign to edit the website’s words, images, and features, without the frustrations often experienced with other CMS solutions. The fact that the tool is open-sourced and maintained by a team of voluntary devs that are great to work with is just the cherry on top.

I had tested several CMS, starting from some basic points:

  1. I am not the only person that use it and manage the contents
  2. Most of the people are not so skilled as I am on the computer.
  3. The learning process have to be very fast and simple because I do not want to bother to explain thousand times the same process.
  4. Normal User does not read any documentation, so the system MUST be intuitive or at least easily explainable.
I Installed several CMSs, from typo3 to mambo, from drupal to nuke and its variant and so on. Beside reading docs on how to install them installing, I didn't want to read anything else. In this way I tested the how simple and intuitive is the system. Beside the power of certain CMSs, for most of them I had a lot of difficulties in understanding how to change contents. They were not so intuitive and for almost all of them I didn't get a clue on how to change the style, beside downloading pre-made templates.

With CMS Made Simple was a paradise, or like taking a holiday, compared to all the others. After installing it, I just clicked a bit around and found out how to change contents, let's say 30 minutes. After finished with the content, it took me just half day to enter in the mechanism of personalizing the website style. At the end of the week I have been able to change and personalize completely my website, menu templates, installing and managing modules and so on.

So I decided that the learning process was very fast, e.g. for typo3, maybe I am stupid, but after 3 days I barely understood how to change the contents. Basically I decided that if it took me 30 minutes to "master" the contents changing, it could not take more than 3 days (without any help) to any other kind of user.

Another important parameter for my choice was the level of style personalisation you can reach. For sure I didn't go to deep with the other CMSs, but after a week my learning process was going to slow, but as my impression the others weren't, at least, so easily to personalise.

Roberto Braga (http://www.yap.it)

What I hated about (another cms) was how clueless I was about where to go and post things, changing the look, etc. With CMSMS I was changing things within the hour.

hexdj from chat

I've tried almost every Content Management System out there! From Joomla to Plone and Xoops to PHP-Nuke. My clients needed simplicity and useability which they could not provide. Most made simple tasks like editing the homepage or applying different templates for each page a monumental task. CMS Made Simple was able to offer simplicity for my clients, but robustness in the backend for any customizations they wanted. CMSMS is great!

Paul Lemke (Modevia Web Services, LLC)

CMSMS makes it easy to set up a site and then hand it over to non-techies to maintain. Unlike other CMS packages, it isn't over-complex, and it isn't just for blogs. The drop-down site navigation menus are the icing on the cake: just so easy to use. There's an excellent support forum too.

Martin Johnson

I'd rather be a user of good software than an author of it, but I had a hard time finding software that works the way I want to. Then I found CMS Made Simple. It does many of the things I need, and does them in ways that make sense to me. The best part is that it provides a good framework that can be quite compact, or which I can extend when I need extra capabilities.

Samuel Goldstein (1969 Communications)

This CMS does ease perfectly the update of any website, from the most basic to more complex ones. I installed it on a few websites (friends and prospective clients), and the beauty of it is that now they do not ask me anymore to update their news or pages simply because they are now able to do it by themselves, and without html-knowledge: click edit a page, with the optional wysiwyg, click submit and your site is updated. My friends are thrilled, and once CMSMS is installed, they don't need me anymore and that was the aim. Truly helpful.

Patricia Brun

I've tried them all but kept on getting tangled in a web of confusion, it all stopped when I found out about CMSMS. Now I just develop my website the way I always did before and paste it into CMSMS. And before I know it, its ready for lift off!

Thijs van Hall (ratzavlatz)

Today CMS Made Simple made me special! I got praises all over my team and my boss for creating our internal site. I don't even know well about web site creation/development, and yet I came up with a tool where my entire group can participate maintaining our site. I made them happy and satisfied!!!! To the staff and to all the contributors of this super easy to follow CMS, I thank you all once again. You've really made my life easier at work. Woho!

Maria Fornis

Thanks! Just dropped in to say thanks to everyone who helped when I've posted queries on this forum and to everyone associated with developing CMS made simple. I've used CMS Made Simple to implement a site for a client of mine. It's the first time I've implemented a CMS and with the help of everyone here I was able to do everything I wanted to. I'll certainly use it again if I ever need another CMS and will recommend it to others. Best wishes.

Anne Donnelly

I can do more after an hour in CMSMS than a day with Joomla.

Dan O'Sullivan

I have always been accustomed to Joomla and its very vast range of extensions. All the websites that I had done before where with Joomla. However Joomla at times gets way to bulky and complicated for simple jobs. So I wanted something simpler, something that I can easily explain my clients on how to use and modify accordingly. Most importantly I wanted something FAST and EFFICIENT.

A few Google searches later lead me to CMS Made Simple. I immediately fell in love with its simple design and its no nonsense approach to modules - the XML installation is a BIG plus. I was impressed by how easily I could modify the template to my whim and arrange all the necessary modules with CSS etc.

I managed to create a website for my client in SIX hours - fully functional, efficient, neat and ready to go.

Well done to all the developers working to this project. You have created a fantastic project - something which I am sure is slowly changing the CMS world :)

Richard from forum

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