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As you know, CMS Made Simple is open source and free to use.

Often, the open source community is getting donations by grateful users, who think the software has given them a great benefit. It is very important to support to open source community, and keep on believing in free software.

All donations are going to Ted. Remember, a server is not free, CMS Made Simple dedicated server provides all the downloads of the core and modules.

We know numerous people being very grateful to the team, Ted first, who created CMS Made Simple, and the other developers (Calguy, SjG, etc), who are actively working on the core and modules to always provide you a quality CMS, for now and the future.

Please read: Starting Jan, 1, 2009, we will not be putting any more direct links in donation names, but instead will type domain names. There have been a few incidents where people are concerned with the link than the amount of free software they're getting. While we're very grateful to all donators, we feel that some people do this for the wrong reason and just hope to get a permanent, cheap link on a popular website. We apologize for any inconvenience!
If the link you provide is not clearly CMS Made Simple related, i.e. the site the link points to was not built in CMS Made Simple or a portfolio with sites built in CMS Made Simple, we assume you look for advertising and we cannot list your link here as this is against fair policy. If you would like to buy advertising, please contact Ted directly.

No amount is too low! And we appreciate each and every donation. However from August 2012 forward we will only be listing donations of $50USD or more.

Thanks a lot to each past and future donor.

Note: if you want to be listed on this page for your support, please include a name and domain name in the paypal description field.

This open source software has received the generous support of

MilesWeb Internet Services