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CMS Made Simple is open source and free to use. We love providing one of the best Content Management Systems out there, and don't expect to be paid for it. That said, projects like this have costs involved such as hosting and marketing.

If you feel you have benefited from CMS Made Simple, and are able to do so, we would love your contribution. No donation is too small, but only contributions of $50 USD or greater will be listed below for two years. If you would like your web site listed, please sure to add it in the description field during the PayPal transaction. The site must be created in CMS Made Simple, and URLs will not be hot-linked.

This open source software has received the generous support of:

2017 Donations

  • Julien Bourdoiseau Hebline

2016 Donations

  • at design, inc.
  • Tinbot Web Services (http://www.tinbot.co.uk)
  • Robyn Lawrence (www.entertain-ment.co.uk)
  • Isolde van Oosterhout
  • MRC SEO Consulting (www.calgaryseocompany.ca)

2015 Donations

  • UpNorthWebCreations (http://upnorthwebcreations.com)
  • Easy Store Marketing
  • MMJ Westerman
  • ÖZkan ÜN (http://www.billigflug24.de)
  • Banks Near You (http://www.banksnearme.org)

A2 Hosting