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Announcing CMSMS 1.11.3 - Darwin

After over a month of development the CMSMS Dev Team is happy to announce the release of CMSMS 1.11.3 (Darwin). A release primarily focussed on stability and problem solving. There are numerous fixes in this release that will have some effect on almost all CMSMS sites. Here is a brief description of some of the bigger ones:

  • Fixed problem with editing page templates, or content pages using page templates that had unchecked object references in them.

    Because of the way that CMSMS 1.11.x uses smarty in the admin interface to parse templates for validity and to find content blocks, and because many plugins are not loaded into smarty during admin console requests, some users encountered errors or blank screens when adding/editing content using some templates, or editing some page templates.

    This was due to syntax such as {$content_obj→method()} or {cms_lang assign=’nls’} where the {$nls} variable was expected to represent an object. Thanks to the efforts of Tapio, we have solved the issue with blank pages when editing certain page templates, or adding or editing pages using these templates. Tapio researched, tested, and implemented a change to the way we parse templates so that variables such as these are ignored on the admin interface for the purposes of parsing the template for validity. This is an important update, intended to provide stability and performance to CMSMS for quite a while whilst we work on the next great feature release.

  • The cms_stylesheet plugin is no longer subject to smarty caching in CMSMS. This solves problems where some sites that enabled smarty caching would not be rendered properly after files were cleared from the cache directory.

  • Content pages, and page templates are now editable when the site-down mode is enabled.

  • Fixes to FileManager and MicroTiny module that were encountered on some hosts when FileManagers advanced mode was enabled.

  • We now recommend PHP 5.3.2 or higher to install. Although the minimum PHP version remains at PHP 5.2.4 for the 1.11.x series, we recommend that you now have PHP 5.3.2 or higher.

  • Smarty caching is now disabled for sites using PHP 5.2.x regardless of the site setting.

  • Fix to an issue introduced in that broke the ability to delete images in ImageManager

  • Optimizations and fixes to the edit content capability that were encountered when a page template consisted of a larger number of {content_image} tags pointing to a director with a large amount of images.

  • These are just the major points. For more detail as to what was accomplished in CMSMS 1.11.3 please read the doc/CHANGELOG.txt file available in the download package.

    Because of the large amounts of changes in this release that will in some way effect most users, we recommend that all sites be upgrade to CMSMS 1.11.3 as soon as possible. Also, as per our support guidelines, the only supported versions of CMSMS at this time become and 1.11.3.

    Thank you all, and have fun with CMSMS.

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