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CMS Made Simple

November, 2011

On the web

Don't miss GeekMoot 2012!!!

Latest and greatest this month
CMS Made Simple™ is happy to introduce our new newsletter format. A special thanks goes to Ken Griffith (kendo451) for tweaking and implementing the new theme!

We are aware that there has been a long silence where it comes to our newsletter. We'll grind the gears and will keep you updated on a regular basis from now on!

And there is a lot going on these days. The new release(s), the upcoming GeekMoot in the UK this coming spring, reviews of Samuel Goldstein's Cookbook,, the php 5.3 poll, partner programs, etc.

CMS Made Simple™ 1.10 Series
In October the Dev Team released the next major version of CMS Made Simple - the 1.10 series. This release made a lot of ambitious improvements, but was primarily aimed at better performance.

The 1.10 series introduces "lazy loading" for modules, so that only modules that are actually called on a page are loaded into memory. This greatly improves performance on sites with a lot of modules, but it requires some changes to module code for compatibility. (Hint: Third party module developers need to upgrade their mods if you haven't already.)

As is common with major version upgrades, some bugs slipped through beta testing, so 1.10.1 was released last week to patch them.

While we hope you will download 1.10 and check it out in your development environment, site owners should verify that all the modules you use have been upgraded to be compatible with 1.10 before you upgrade your production sites!


A Word from Our Sponsor
CMS Made Simple Cookbook
We would again ilke to give some attention to Samuel Goldstein's new book, The CMS Made Simple™ Development Cookbook. This long-needed book walks the programmer through making User Defined Tags, Plugins, and Modules for CMS Made Simple™. Visit Packt's Website or read a third party review.


Geek Moot 2012
March 8-10, GeekMoot 2012 will be held in Northhampton in Britain. With the success of last year's workshops this year we will be having several more including training sessions for end-users. Early Bird Tickets are on sale now. Get yours, today at GeekMoot.com!


Check Out our LinkedIn Group!
Did you know there is a CMS Made Simple Group on LinkedIN? There are some really interesting topics going on there, such as "out of the box" creations with basic modules such as News. It's not meant as a second channel for support, that's what we have our forum for. But it's a good place for interesting interaction with your fellow professionals!

To go to the LinkedIN Group, click here.


We're partnering up
Having received a lot of inquiries last year, we decided to review our guidelines for new and additional hosting partners. We have released new guidelines for CMS Made Simple hosting partners this week. If you are a hosting company who wants to be a partner with us, please download the guidelines and then get in touch.


IMPORTANT! Community Poll about PHP 5.3
Now that PHP 5.2 is at its end of life, and PHP 5.4 is in beta, we're seriously considering to support only PHP 5.3 in our next big release (1.11). It would enable us to switch to cool features such as anonymous functions, namespaces, and phar files. But we need to know if the majority of your hosts support it. Let us know via the poll!


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