State of the Project Update 2021

State of the Project Update 2021

Welcome to this, the first annual "State of the Project" update.  Whilst of course we'll continue to update you regularly throughout the year on the day-to-day plans and considerations of CMSMS, the annual state of the project will inform you of the underlying commitments that drive all our decisions for the next 12 months.  

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Posted: March 1, 2021 by scotch33

I think the term "tumultuous" can be used to describe the past year both in the world, and in regard to the CMS Made Simple project. I wanted to take this time to address some concerns about the project, as well as highlight what awaits us.

Firstly, we are very much active and excited about the future of CMSMS. We have successfully restructured the Dev Team to a more democratic model, which has resulted in much more participation from more members and a professional, enjoyable team environment. With this newfound functionality, we've established a few priorities:

1) Develop the core as per the roadmap at This link also includes an important announcement about the cancellation of the 2.3 beta.

2) Grow the Dev Team. We need a few more people, especially coders. We've made the team fun to be a part of, and have added benefits such as client matching, hardware allowances and/or discounts, free or discounted commercial software, and much more. If you are interested, please reach out to me personally - the best place is in our Slack chat or

3) Address third-party modules. Please see the Module Forking Project for more.

4) Improve the Forge. This legacy software is undergoing a full rebuild and is high on our priority list.

All of us on the Dev Team use CMSMS for our own projects, and most of us use it to make a living. We use the modules you use and fight the battles you fight. It is in our own interest to keep the project strong and growing. The CMS Made Simple Foundation has the sole mandate of maintaining access to the project in perpetuity.

Thanks for your time, and feel free to drop in to Slack for a chat!

Matt Hornsby
Project Manager
CMS Made Simple

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