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Announcing CMSMS 2.2-beta3

Category:General Releases 

22. 04. 2017 by mr101010

Today we announce the release of cmsms-2.2-beta3. The third, and hopefully last beta before the final release of the much-anticipated 2.2 version.

A number of significant issues were fixed in this version, including issues with entities in page-titles, menu-text, and paths. We corrected some minor incompatibilities in the new database abstraction library, adjusted permissions of files within the distributed ZIP files, corrected a couple of minor security issues, and a number of other fixes.

Information as to what exactly changed between beta2 and beta3 is available in the SVN log.

The number of new bug reports has slowed to a crawl, and all known and reproducible issues have been addressed in this version. Therefore, we would like as many people as possible to do one final round of exhaustive testing before the final release.

If no significant bugs are reported before May 15, the developers will recommend to the Dev Team that we release the final version, and move to a vote. If the vote is successful then soon after we will prepare the final release notes and the final release.

Additionally, because this is the final beta, it is a great time to catch up on translations. Many of the translations are critically out of date and need some love. We hope that you can also spend some time on this and contribute to your favorite content management system.

So please, test away... translate away... and have fun with CMSMS.

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