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CMSMS 1.x Nears End of Life

Category:Events General 

03. 06. 2016 by mr101010

Hello all.

This is just a friendly reminder about the status of CMSMS 1.x.

When CMSMS 2.0 was released on September 6, 2015, we announced that we would support the 1.x series for critical bugs and security issues for one calendar year. That end of life date is soon approaching.

After September 6, 2016, we will no longer be creating security releases or entertaining any bug fixes for the 1.x series. All of our effort will be directed to the 2.x series.

Because of our limited support resources, our support policy only asks our volunteer Dev Team members to respond to questions regarding the last two public releases of CMSMS, which at this time is CMSMS 2.1.2 and CMSMS 2.1.3.

Beginning September 6 we will no longer entertain general questions or support requests for the CMSMS 1.x series in any of the official forum boards. This may also include questions pertaining to upgrades from the 1.x series. You may still post your questions in the lounge or other areas in the hopes that another community member may respond.

There are still countless business-critical websites that are using CMS Made Simple 1.x versions which may be very old and/or insecure, and should be upgraded as soon as possible.

Upgrading from 1.x may not be a trivial process, particularly for very old or overly complex websites. While the changes that you may need to make are usually minor individually, and well documented, it will take some time and you may require assistance. It is best to undertake the upgrade process while there are skilled and experienced people available and willing to help.

If you would prefer professional, paid assistance to upgrade your website, the CMSMS Dev Team members cooperate in a referral system to provide commercial assistance of this nature. You can read more about that and submit an enquiry HERE.

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