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Announcing CMSMS 2.1.2 - Andros Town

Category:General Releases 

03. 02. 2016 by mr101010

Hello Everybody.

Today we are announcing the release of CMS Made Simple 2.1.2 "Andros Town". A mixed bag of bug fixes, minor feature improvements and security updates.

With respect to security, this release upgrades the internal PHPMailer scripts to fix an issue that some hosts have been scanning for, and reporting to some of our users.

Some of the items changed in this release include:

  • Minor changes to seamlessly support PHP7
  • Improvements to style sheet handling in MicroTiny
  • Improvements to module dependency logic when installing modules with ModuleManager.
  • Adding the ability to delete any and all field definitions from News.
  • Fixes to the way the 'Home Page' preference works.
  • Fixes to sorting options in the ajax page selector.
  • Add a new check in the system information to ensure that E_ALL is enabled in the PHP configuration.

Due to the potential security ramifications and bug fixes, we encourage all users to upgrade their websites to CMSMS 2.1.2 as soon as possible.

As of this release, we will be providing technical support for CMSMS 2.1.1 and CMSMS 2.1.2.

We will continue to provide critical bug fixes, and security fixes for CMSMS 1.12.x until September 2016.

Thank you for your time, and have fun with CMSMS.

© Copyright 2016 by CMSMS™ and the posts author(s). All rights reserved.

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