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As promised, in conjunction with the start of the CMSMS 1.11 Beta process we are releasing a new documentation website to explain the starts of how to work with CMS Made Simple.

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Posted: June 20, 2012 by calguy1000

Documentation has long been one of the major shortcomings of CMSMS. With the start of the CMSMS 1.11 process we are making a continuing effort to correct that. We have started a new website (of course powered by CMS Made Simple) to provide a central starting location for all documentation related to the CMS Made Simple Core.

The goals and scope of the new website are:

  • Maintained by the CMSMS Dev Team:

    Although we encourage submissions, and tips from our valued community, the CMSMS Dev team will be managing the content to reduce duplication and ensure that it is correct, and consistent with other documentation, our goals and scope, and with other documentation.

  • Correct, Consistent and Timely:

    Numerous sites that contain information about CMSMS get stale quickly, as CMSMS is a continuing evolving product. As well, some content is related specifically to a certain users environment or experiences. This can be problematic for users.

    In the new site, we will make efforts to ensure that the documentation is correct, timely, and consistent with our other documentation, related to the currently supported (or in testing) version of CMS Made Simple. This should help reduce problems related to out of date information being displayed on other web pages.

  • Aimed at the web professional:

    As we target CMSMS to web professionals who build websites for their customers who are not necessarily internet specialists, Our documentation will be targeted to web professionals. To that end, the content on this site will assume that the reader has an understanding of some of the underlying technologies that CMSMS relies upon, uses, or manipulates. i.e: we will not be explaining how to use an FTP client.

  • Documentation for CMSMS specific items:

    Related to the above topic, this website will make an effort to link to, but not re-document items that are not specifically related to CMS Made Simple. i.e: topics such as how to create and manage databases, manage file permissions, style websites, or even smarty language topics are best left to websites that are focused on those topics.

  • Documentation for the Core only:

    As the number,stability, functionality, and usage of independently developed third party addons (whether they be tips, GCB's, plugins, UDT's or full fledged modules is a constantly changing target. Additionally, the CMSMS Dev team has little influence, control, or the resources to review or manage these contributions. Therefore this site will focus only on documenting the usage of the items that are distributed with the core.

  • Troubleshooting and Solutions:

    We have developed, and will continue to build an information database that consists of descriptions and suggested solutions for some of the frequently encountered problems that users have with our package. The content for this section will come from user contributions and from topics that we glean from the CMSMS forum.

  • English Only:

    To best ensure that the information provided is timely, accurate, and consistent. the content of the website will be distributed only in English.

    We apologize in advance, however for the foreseeable future we will not be entertaining requests to translate the content in the website, or distributing the contents of this website for translation by third parties.

So please, check out our new website at We intend, and hope that it will become your starting point for a reference to all issues related to the CMS Made Simple core.

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