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CMS Made Simple shares fun and page views with the fans!

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19. 01. 2012 by Ken Griffith

The "Special Fans Page" honors our fans by listing the sites and pages with the "I Love CMS Made Simple™" image. All who publish this image on their CMSMS (related) site* are given the opportunity to get a share of the thousands of visitors we get at cmsmadesimple.org. It's our way of saying "thank you" to all our community ambassadors for CMS Made Simple™.

Promote the 2012 GeekMoot

The same goes for members of the community who actively promote the 2012 GeekMoot that will take place in March in Northampton (UK). Power to the community!

Get the logos!

To download the logos click here.

Do you want to show the world you're a CMS Made Simple™ fan?

All you have to do is click here, and you too will see how to do it. Just make sure your screenshot contains the logo... :-)

* We hope you understand we follow some rules for decency. Screenshots from sites with offensive content will be removed. The same goes for web sites that clearly have nothing to do with CMS Made Simple™.


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