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Geekmoot Update

Category:General Events 

19. 01. 2012 by Robert Campbell

Hello Everybody

As you know our next GeekMoot will be in Northampton UK from March 8th to 10th. The Geekmoot preparations are well underway. The schedule is filling up fast, and the bookings are coming in!

Here's the latest and greatest news:

1. I'm attending. That's right, for the first time I'll be travelling to the GeekMoot. And infact giving a workshop and 2 presentations. This is the first time I will have met any of the dev team or any of the CMSMS users in person. I look forward to having a few beers with you and learning how you use CMSMS.

In fact, one of the presentations I will be giving this year is the keynote address where I will be outlining where CMSMS is, how the dev team works, along with our goals, and principles. As well, I will be giving some information as to where CMSMS is headed, how we plan to work in the future, and announcing some important news. I am sure Ted is very thankful for my relieving him of this chore.

Additionally, in my keynote address I'm going to discuss some of the issues that have faced us over the years, including the workflow debate, and the multi-lang issue. I am looking forward to hearing your feedback and to your understanding our goals.

2. We're stepping it up this time. One of the concerns from the last geekmoot was that we had rehashed some of the same old stuff. Particularly in some of the presentations. We've taken this into account and stepping it up a notch with new presentations including focussing on how you can take advantage of CMSMS In your business.

My presentation on module development will be briefly reviewing the CMSMS Module skeleton, and then focusing on some of the more advanced and technical module development concerns.

3. We're adding material for end-users. If your customers or content editors would like to get more out of their website, would like a better understanding of how their websites (or even websites in general) work, then they will get great information from our workshop day. One room is set aside for a whole day for end user sessions.

4. I'll be previewing CMSMS 1.11 and giving a hint as to our longer technical direction. Even though CMSMS 1.11 is still in development, and the end list of features isn't set yet you will get a sneak preview, and a chance to give us feedback.

5. As usual the GeekMoot will probably be a relatively informal thing. Lots of open conversation, and conversation in the hallways. We're already anticipating a pub night or two. We look forward to shaking your hands, and sharing your CMSMS experiences over a few pints.

Early bird prices have been extended till the end of January, so we encourage you to talk to your content editors or customers, and to register quickly.

Please, read more about the geekmoot, who is speaking, and what we're talking about. To do that, go here: http://geekmoot.com/. There is a registration button at the top of the page, but here it is again for good measure: https://geekmoot.stagehq.com/

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