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Call for Speakers - Geekmoot 2012

Category:Geek Community Events 

11. 12. 2011 by Robert Campbell
Hello CMSMS Professionals. We don’t often reach out to professionals, because like us you are often busy working on your next greatest project. Your coffee is often cold and you’re working way too late with pressing deadlines and interesting challenges. You are always moulding your favourite content management system to do something different; solving a problem you know would be difficult with other packages. Well, here is your opportunity to share some of the things you have learned, the techniques you have developed and maybe a few of your secrets with your colleagues. Here’s your opportunity to make yourself known! Geek Moot 2012 is coming! We are looking for CMSMS Professionals like you for presentations and workshops. For example.. - you have just developed the latest and greatest viral marketing campaign using CMSMS; - you want to share techniques about developing mobile friendly and SEO optimized websites; - you have techniques about combining modules to build the newest social website; - you want to share tricks and techniques about smarty with respect to cross browser layout; - you have developed tips and techniques in CMSMS that you would like to share, Your community would like to hear about it. Give a little and get a little. Not only will your standing in the CMSMS community be raised, but there are a number of other benefits that we’ll give you to make your contribution worth your time and effort. - Free day! Give either a presentation at the conference or a workshop on the pre conference workshop day, and we will give you one conference day for free! That’s a saving of £75.00 - A listing in our conference program - A listing on the Geek Moot Website - Mentions in the active Twitter and Facebook marketing campaigns. - Plus of course a great experience at the Geek Moot! The Geek Moot is in Northampton, UK in March 2012. Workshops will be held on the 8th of March in two separate rooms, and presentations on the 9th and 10th of March in one larger room. Workshops run for about 90 minutes, and presentations range from 45 minutes to an hour. Spots are available for both workshops and presentations. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge about a CMSMS related topic at our GeekMoot in Northampton UK in March 2012 then we would like to hear from you. So fill in the form at http://www.geekmoot.com/2012/call-for-presentations right now! The dev team will review the proposed presentations and work with you to find the best time for you to strut your stuff. We will work with you to help you fine tune your presentation, answering any questions that you may have so that this will be the best experience possible. This is a win-win situation. And be sure to hang out with us after the conference there surely will be a fair amount of "networking" happening at the end of each day. So, what are you waiting for? Fill in the form at http://www.geekmoot.com/2012/call-for-presentations right now!

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