Announcing CMSMS 1.10.1 - Le Lorrain

As usual, straight out of a major functionality release there are always some bugs spotted. And usually important ones. 1.10 has been no different, even with a longer than normal, and public beta process. This is an important bug fix release...

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Posted: November 5, 2011 by calguy1000

Here we are again, straight out of a major functionality release, with a new point release for a significant bunch of bug fixes. Named 1.10.1 - Le Lorrain (pronounced one point ten point one), We had hoped that our longer, public beta process would have caught most of the issues like this. However, as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. C'est La Vie. The prominent bugs we fixed were with respect to inactive content pages, and with respect to module functionality. We also fixed the summarize modifier, and even a postgres compatibility issue. As well, we added some help where it was missing, and managed to squeeze in some minor optimizations too. Some missing help was added, and/or improved in some modules, and the translations should be much more up to date. We encourage everybody to upgrade their website(s) to CMSMS 1.10.1 As soon as possible, as this release marks the end of support for the 1.9 series of CMSMS. As well, there are some important bug fixes for ALL users of CMSMS 1.10. There will be a diff package for this release, but only from CMSMS 1.10. It is still recommended that you ensure that your modules are compatible with CMSMS 1.10.x before upgrading your production sites. And always have a verified backup before doing any upgrades. If you don't have a backup, there isn't much we can do to help you if things go bad, except to shake our heads. Thanks go out to all of those that found these issues and to the members of the dev team who have again spent many hours testing, fixing and re-testing issues. Have fun with CMSMS 1.10.1 Issues we Addressed: - Fixed a problem with improper HTTPS detection in the metadata plugin - Fixed a problem with modules not being loaded properly for admin stylesheets - Fixed a minor problem with microtinyconfig - Fixed a minor issue in event handlers. - Adds one more error check into MenuManager wrt to GetContent on inactive objects. - Fixes a problem with GetAllContent() which effects the parent dropdown stuff. - Fixes a problem with deleting inactive content. - Fixes the summary modifier. - Replaces the cms_tree_operations::load_from_list() method with a simpler, recursive function. - Minor optimizations to the cms_content_cache class to reduce database queries when there are deactivated pages. - Inactive pages now show up in order content, and in a different color. - ModuleManager - minor improvement to the is_connection_ok method. - adodb_lite - get rid of some files that are not needed (xmlschema, config etc). - Fixes a problem with uninstalling deactivated modules. - Fixes sorting for page_image and thumbnail dropdowns - Fixes call to GetParameters in the module API that would hide parameters from the help if the module was using the new InitializAdmin method. - Fixes postgres compatibility issue. - Fixes pagination bug in news admin interface when category is selected. - Minor fix to upgrade in News. - Fixes minor problem with Pageinfo class. - Fix to the GetModulesWithCapability method. - Adds help for MicroTiny. - Adds more help for the tag. - Fixes a problem in the Redirect method of the module api if a value of a parameter was 0 - now extend time limit in the module manager for time intensive operations. (some hosts may not allow this). - Fixes some minor template issues in News.

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