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Announcing CMS Made Simple 1.8.1 - Mankara

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13. 07. 2010 by Ted Kulp
NOTE: This release fixes an important security vulnerability, we recommend that ALL users upgrade as soon as possible. The local inclusion vulnerability fixed is old and affects many previous versions of CMSMS. Therefore it is important for ALL installations to be upgraded as soon as possible. This release also fixes all of the issues encountered with the CMSMS 1.8 release due to the overhaul of the translation function. Your performance in the admin section should be back to normal following this upgrade. Below is a complete list of the remaining issues that have been addressed in this release, enjoy.

Version 1.8.1 - Mankara

  • Fixed local inclusion security flaw
  • Backend behaved slower then previous release
  • Core modules/tabs in the backend weren't translated
  • Internet Explorer didn't show specific backend-pages properly (f.e. News)
  • Theme: "default" gave message "Undefined index: direction" at the top of the admin area
  • The content tag didn't allow an underscore in name of a content block
  • Default content had News categories in summary-template
  • "Expand/Collapse" buttons added to top of listcontent.php (Admin --> Content --> Pages) for usability improvement
  • User preference for page-limit when viewing the templates list wasn't followed
  • Additional blocks were not visible in Content Edit mode, when underscore was used

Version 1.6.8 - Pouebo

As promised, we added this security fix to the 1.6.x series for those that still require PHP4. The new version with the security fixes is 1.6.8.

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