1.7 Coming and Repository Changes

Posted: February 27, 2010 by Ted Kulp

So, we apparently miscalculated the acceptance of 5.3 along the major web hosting companies. The old track record of PHP adoption was that it takes several years for a major upgrade to be accepted. However, things must've changed, because we're hearing more and more issues with 5.3 compatibility, even though it's only been out for a few months. With that, we've decided that there will be a 1.7 release of CMS Made Simple. This version will basically a 5.3 compatible version of CMS Made Simple, but it will most likely break PHP4 compatibility. Since we've been basically saying that PHP4 has been deprecated since 2007, but never acted upon, this shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to everyone. We're not positive that we won't be able to keep PHP4 working with 1.7, but it's a possibility that people should be prepared for. All future releases of 1.6 will be security patches only, and only if necessary. CMSMS 2.0 development will still continue on. 1.7 will only be getting a percentage of the dev team's time in order to get PHP 5.3 working. Probably won't be a ton of new features here as well. We're trying to keep all the major work in the 2.0 branch. So, in short: 1.6 - Security patches only. PHP4 compatibility. 1.7 - PHP 5.3 compatibility. Minor feature additions. Possible PHP4 breakage. 2.0 - Major redesign and redevelopment. PHP 5.2+ only. Repository Changes If you follow CMSMS development in subversion, we've moved some branches around in order to facilitate these changes. The original 1.7.x branch, which became 2.0 will be in the trunk. The old trunk became the old-2.0 branch, and we copied 1.6.x to 1.7.x for 1.7.x development. It looks something like this: /trunk moves to /branches/old-2.0 /branches/1.7.x moves to /trunk /branches/1.6.x copied to /branches/1.7.x If you have a checkout of one of these branches, you can easily change it to the new location with svn switch. For example, if you've been following 2.0 development, you can go into your checked out version and do the command with the location of the moved branches location like: svn switch .

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