CMS Made Simple Reaches Three Quarters of a Million Downloads.

Posted: October 22, 2009 by Robert Campbell

Today CMS Made Simple, our favorite award winning Open Source Content Management System reached an important milestone: we surpassed 750,000 downloads since the original release of CMS Made Simple 0.1 in July of 2004! Reflecting the growing favor for CMSMS in the web development community, these downloads demonstrate that people agree: CMS Made Simple is a great tool. The latest release (version 1.6.6) has been downloaded over 9900 times since its release at the beginning of October, or approximately 520 times each day (not including direct check-outs from our SVN repository). This groundswell of support is the result of thousands of developers recognizing how CMSMS can simplify their web site deployments. They are seeing how it helps them to build feature rich, dynamic websites that empower end users to maintain their own content. Handing control over to end users then allows the website developer to move on to the next project. CMS Made Simple is used by thousands of professional web developers all over the world to develop web presence sites for small businesses, corporations, standards organizations, magazines, charities, and whatever you can imagine. At this point, The CMSMS development team would like to thank our user community for their outstanding support of this product over the last few years. This incredible enthusiasm gives us the energy to continue developing the best content management system for professional web developers and their customers. (CMS Made Simple is a free, PHP based, community developed, Open Source Content Management System released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.)

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