Announcing CMS Made Simple 1.6.6 - Bonde

Posted: October 3, 2009 by Robert Campbell

This is primarily a bugfix release again... trimming off of the issues that our users have encountered, particularly those related to those using pretty urls which append a / to all the urls (I still don't know why people do this.... why not use .php or .html for extensions, I dunno). Additionally, we think we've solved once and for all an issue that caused the imagemanager to redirect back to the admin login form... and why some people had problems getting the wysiwyg editor to work. it was related to their hosts not having session.use_cookies enabled. This is not a recommended setting, and although we've added in some code to let this work in the short term, we will not be supporting it in future versions of CMSMS. So please everybody, make sure your hosts turn this on. Below is the full list of changes. Enjoy Version 1.6.6 - Bonde ----------------------------- - #3777 Documentation Error: redirect_url plugin - #3923 Adminlog download, tab separator single quoted - #3926 Little typo in stylesheet. - #3935 Validation error in stylesheet 'Accessibility and cross-browser tools' - #4002 menu parameter start_level='2' don't show results. - #4068 Admin Log, update "HTML Blob" to "Global Content Block" - #4118 die() with blank page - Fix problem with showinmenu for separators. - Fix error pages being able to be set inactive in listcontent. - Fix error in permissions checking for copying content. - Fixes issues with the PDF output only working of the pdf flag was turned OFF - Submit is not taken on forms, when .htaccess is used and page_extension = ''. *** FIXES RELATED TO session.use_cookies == off **** NOTE: This is not a recommended setting, and future versions of CMSMS will not in any way support this setting. Please contact your hosts to ensure that this setting is enabled properly. - This issue has probably been the cause of many tinyMCE issues in the past. - The install and upgrade routines will fail if this setting is off - The install and upgrade routines now explicitly check for this setting. - TinyMCE 2.2.5 now supports session.use_cookies == off (for now) - ImageManager no longer displays the login screen with session.use_cookies == off

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