Announcing CMS Made Simple 1.6

Posted: June 22, 2009 by Robert Campbell

So here it is... after building alot of anticipation, and only a week behind schedule, CMS Made Simple 1.6 is now ready for public consumption.
    Changes/Features/Bug Fixes
There have been a great deal of changes,.. so I'll just brush on them here... please read the changelog notes attached with the release at: * Content Type Changes Major effort has been undertaken to make the system faster, better and easier to extend. We've reworked the content types and various classes so that the number of queries is better optimized, and so that there is more options for configuration of what is to be displayed to your users on the edit content page. * Permissions Changes We've completely re-worked the content permissions to allow more flexibility, and allow greater control over what your users are allowed to do with respect to content. Briefly, the permssions model has changed to: - Additional Editors or Owners of a content page can edit that content page - The "Add Pages" permission states that the user can create pages as children of pages that he is already an owner/additional editor of. - The "Remove Pages" permission states that the user can only remove pages that he is an additional editor/owner of - The 'Manage All Content' permission allows you to do anything with all content. * New Themes and Content - Two new frontend themes have been developed, and the default content for new installations changed considerably. * Forgot Password functionality in admin - The admin console now has the ability to handle forgotten passwords, if an email address has been associated with the admin account. * 404 error handling changes - A new content type 'Error Handler' has been created to handle 404 errors. This page is just a regular content page with some extra functionality. This will allow you to do things like embed module calls, etc. into the 404 page. * Site Preferences rewrite - The site preferences page has been completely re-written. * Sitedown IP address exclusion - When sitedown mode is enabled, it is now possible to exclude certain IP addresses from that restriction. In this way the site can be down for everybody but the developer working on it. * Page Preview fixes - Page preview now works with page templates that have multiple content blocks. * UTF-8 changes for new installs - On new installs, the installer now tries to change the default encoding for newly created tables, etc. This allows better utf-8 flow for most sites. - A new 'set_names' config entry has been created to allow doing a 'set names utf-8' at the beginning of any request. This is on by default for new installs, and off for upgrades. * config.php cleanup - We've removede a bunch of the redundant stuff out of the config.php, and optimized the pretty url stuff so it should be a bit easier to understand. * MenuManager improvements - The admin panelo for menumanager has been completely re-worked to be more obvious, and easier to use... there is now the ability to specify a 'default' menu template. * ModuleManager improvements - Module Manager now has the ability to check dependencies before installing a module. - Module Manager can now check to see if there are newer released versions of any of the modules that you are currently using on your site. * TinyMCE improvements * Search improvements * Printing improvements * Many, Many bug fixes.
- For sites with multiple admin users who have different levels of permission for editing content, you will need to re-visit the permissions, and to make sure that everything is setup the way it needs to be. - Users using Cataloger, PageBlocks, and other modules that create content types will experience problems with compatibility. Please contact the authors of these modules and ask them to release a version compatible with CMS 1.6 as soon as possible.
    Diff Packages
Due to the extent of the changes, there will be no diff releases for 1.6. You will need to download the full package, and transfer the whole thing up to your new website... please download the appropriate checksum package and validate your upload with that. Thanks I would like to take this time to give my thanks to the development team, and the beta testers who contributed hundreds of hours in testing, fixing, enhancing, and debugging this release. If I forgot your name, please remind me and I'll add it ASAP.
    Dev Team Members
Ronny Krijt Rene Helminsen Alberto Benati Nuno Costa Mark Reed Morten Poulsen Ted Kulp Tyler Boespflug
    Beta Testers
SimonSchaufi duclet Sonya bess Nullg JeremyBASS ZiggyWigged Maarten That's it... I'm sure you'll find this release the best ever.... It can be downloaded from the usual locations... Enjoy.

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