Announcing CMS Made Simple 1.5.3 - Arecibo

Posted: March 2, 2009 by Robert Campbell

Here it is..... after a long wait... this version should clear up a large number of the minor issues people have been having of late. there are not many new features, but alot of bug fixes. and you should notice that the package is getting closer and closer to that 'rock solid' state. I would like to take this time once again to give many thanks to the dev team members and translators that have donated countless hours of their time to this project. They've been managing the bug tracker and feature request list, testing, reproducing bugs, fixing them and then testing the fixes. I couldn't even guess the number of hours that have been put in by the team for this release alone. Everybody owes these people a huge thank you: Nuno Costa Ronny Krijt René Helminsen Morten Poulsen For those people that like details. Here's a copy of what is in the doc/CHANGELOG.txt for this release. Version 1.5.3 - Arecibo ----------------------------- - Fixes of several bugs: - #2516 Javascript script errors in admin listcontent.php panel. - #2706 CreatePagination() does not include Session Key. - #2915 Typo in multicontent.php throwing errors. - #2925 User not exist in sample content. - #2940 Field-length dateformat in UserPrefs shorter than in GlobaSettings. - #2995 Group assignments bug. - #2996 Language string missing. - Notice error in - Fixed a minor permission issue on editpref.php. - Added an option to disable the wysiwyg for a content-page. - Fixed (hopefully) problem with pseudo-random logouts when there is inactivity in the admin section. - Put 'canonical' logic in the default templates. - Made 'NCleanGrey' the default theme, in an install without default content installed as well. - Search 1.5.3 - #3034 Searching for words in the footer expose all pagenames on my site. - Now remove event handlers when uninstalling the module - Dont return page results for non searchable pages, even if the result was found in the template. - Make changes to convert search results to entities on output to help with validation. - Now search for the 'stop phrase' in the base addwords function, allowing optionally excluding specific module records from being indexed. - Feature requests that are included: - #1231 Make default templates use uploads/images/logo1.gif instead of images/cms/logo1.gif. - #2897 Moved Image/Thumbnail in content-page to options-tab. - #3025 News: new parameter, action="detail", which can be used to show a specific entry in detail-mode directly. - #3035 link from admin backend to the forge. - #3068 New plugin; page_attr that returns attributes of a page. - TinyMCE - Added support for configuring the third toolbar - Added option to show actual thumbnail-files - Fixed filetype icons in FilePicker - Implemented | as seperator in toolbars - Fixed working of force-cleanup-on-paste - Fixed toolbars for frontend-usage - News 2.9.3 - Minor improvements to the articles tab in the admin - Now output a canonical URL in detail view - Changes to default templates - #3027 field definitions not deletable when entry is made using fesubmit. - #2941 (News) Extra-field not showing in detail-view. - Draft news articles are not indexed in the search module.

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