CMS Made Simple 1.5.1 - San Juan

Posted: December 4, 2008 by Robert Campbell

It never fails.... even though we have a lengthy beta cycle, and we try as hard as we can to get people to test there are always a few things that just don't get tested. So though 1.5 was largely stable, we've fixed a handful of things (most of them were one line fixes), and fired out 1.5.1. We had a minor emergency. We found another bug just minutes after we released the original 1.5.1, so we quickly took down the announcements, removed the files, fixed the bug, and started again. What a panic that was!! Here's a brief list of what has changed: - News 2.9.1 - Fixes to permissions checks - Additional help about the dateformat and formatpostdate stuff being removed - Fix sql error in listcssassoc - Fix missing username in admin header on login of new session. - Fix to expand all/collapse all icons in listcontent. - Fix to the edit tag. - Fix to the cancel button in user preferences - Minor adjustment to security key checks. - Fix bug in stylesheet associations. This release does include diff packages. Please use the base diff package if you downloaded and installed the base package. use the full-diff package if you downloaded and installed the full package. You are also encouraged to update the language packs that you may need (with the base version), as a few things have also been translated. Even though there are no database changes in this release, as always, you are encouraged to do a full backup before you upgrade. Enjoy!

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