Announcing CMS Made Simple 1.4-beta2

Posted: July 20, 2008 by Robert Campbell

Here it is.... This beta should encompass most of the bugs or issues found in the first beta, and a few more even. We've cleaned up the Search module a bit, added some enhancements to assist people in dealing with the new template processing order, and tweaked the installer some more. I expect this beta to last for about a week (or maybe till the 2nd of August). And I hope that this beta will be the last one in the 1.4 series. Then we can focus on 2.0 work for a while. The first beta was downloaded in excess of 200 times (not including language packs or checksum files)... and I would really like for this beta to meet or exceed that total. The community has been doing great work with testing here, please keep up the good work. I'd like to also thank the members of the dev team and the community that have put in considerable time in developing, testing, finding bugs, confirming them, then testing, and confirming the fixes, and sometimes even fixing the bugs themselves..... The community we have is growing stronger by the day, and everybody benefits from the active participation that these people give. I'd like to thank these people (and I hope I didn't leave anybody out, because this release has had contributions from a large amount of people.): RonnyK, Reneh, Nuno, Silmilariion, Alby, _SjG_, tyman000, Cyberman, and of course Ted. Now, another important note: A long standing issue with links in translatable strings appears to have been solved (many thanks to _SjG_).... this means that people will have to go through and review all of their translations, and update any strings that have links in them... please, make the effort to go through everything in the core, CMSInstaller, and any core modules. I still would not recommend using this beta (just because it is beta) on a production site, but if you are in the middle of a development project, or starting a new site... please feel free to use the beta. We are in feature cutoff (we have been since the first beta came out)... and plan that the changes from this point forward will be minimal. Of course, you can download the files from here Again, thanks to everybody.... what a fantastic community this is.

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