CMS Made Simple 1.3.1 - Security Release

Posted: June 24, 2008 by Robert Campbell

After too long of a delay, due to vacations and time constraints, we've released CMS 1.3.1 This is a security release and we recommend everybody upgrade their sites to CMS 1.3.1 as soon as possible. This release completely removes the postlet file upload stuff from the file manager. It is the postlet stuff that has been causing the problems in the latest releases, and we finally decided just to nuke it. Then, after waiting for a developer to get back from holiday, we had to discuss it, test it, merge it, test it again.... Yes, this release has taken too long to come out, and we apologize for that... we don't normally do this, and we didn't intend for this to happen. This release should resolve all known security releases. It can be downloaded from here

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