CMS Made Simple 1.3

Posted: June 7, 2008 by Robert Campbell

Thanks to some fantastic effort by the development team, the translators, and testers, I'm pleased to announce CMS Made Simple 1.3 This was originally going to be just a marginal improvement to hold people over till CMS 2.0 comes out, but we just kinda got carried away. There are new versions of the TinyMCE, ModuleManager, Search, MenuManager, News and FileManager modules, a massive improvement in translations, an automatic update notification mechanism, bugfixes, and lots of other tweaks to help you in your projects. For this reason, there will be no 'diff' packages. Here's a copy of the changelog for this version: Version 1.3 "Cuba" -- June 7, 2008 ----------------- - Massive updates to translations - Includes TinyMCE 2.4.0b5 (this should be a release version by the time 1.3 comes out) Note: The wysiwyg editor is not called TinyMCE-Adv or TinyMCE-Basic anymore, - Includes FileManager 0.3.0b2 (this should be a release version by the time 1.3 comes out) - Includes News 2.8 - Fixes for pretty urls - Adds news_extra and custom field support to the fesubmit action - Uses cms_html_entity_decode for php4 compatibility - Removes the News content type once and for all - Includes Search 1.5 - Adds the ability to change the search output on a per module basis - Adds an ability to track search words - Better templating for News - More - Includes MenuManager 1.5 - Pass all parameters to the menumanager template for easier customization - Fixes for has_children - Minor fixes - Includes ModuleManager 1.1.6 - Now indicates that a module available in the repository is incompatible with the current CMS version - A nice big notice on the top of the display about xml vs zip modules - Cleanup on uninstall - Includes a new admin theme generously donated by Nuno Costa - All plugins are now translatable - The title and sitename plugins now support the assign param - Adds two new plugins (redirect_page and redirect_url) - Debug mode now tweaks the display_errors and error levels in the admin section as well as in the frontend - Listcontent is now cleaned-up and has better security checks - Minor improvements to listmodules - Admin templates are now override-able by creating a matching file in module_custom//templates/