Core Development w/ Github

Posted: April 13, 2008 by Ted Kulp

As you all know by now, CMSMS 2.0 development is now if full swing. Both calguy and myself have been hitting the code pretty hard over the last couple of weeks trying to finish it up and get a beta ready to go. While there is still a lot to do, I'm starting to see the end in sight. A few random folks have asked about helping out with development of 2.0, which I love. However, being the control freak that I am, I'm a bit worried still about giving the world free reign on subversion commit access. A few months ago, I discussed using git for core development. Yes, I still use this model for my 2.0 work and can't imagine switching back to pure subversion. I can be as A.D.D. as usual by having scattered branches of the various things I'm working on, and only commit them back when I feel stuff is ready. Anyhoo, github has gone live. This is pretty much the ultimate geek social network. It allows you to setup your git respoistories to the world. Better yet, it allows anyone else to essentially "fork" that repository, make their changes at will, and easily alert the original person to take a look at your changes. It's terribly brilliant and REALLY useful. I push the CMSMS code up to git every day or so from my personal mirror of the current svn repository. It'll usually be up to date. If I know people are working from it, I'll make sure it's always up to date within a few hours. The main repository is located here. Fork to your hearts content, people. So, do yourself a favor. Learn git. Use git. Love git. And once you wrap your head around it, use github to make those wild and crazy changes to the CMSMS 2.0 code and tell me about them. The proof is in the code, my friends. Get coding! Want to seriously be amazed at the power of git? Read this account. For some good links (even though there is a ruby spin), look here. Enjoy!

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