Announcing CMS Made Simple 1.2

Posted: October 15, 2007 by Robert Campbell

At long last here it is. We've released it, the final package has had some testing, and we think that this is stable. Hopefully I'm not deleting this post in 15 minutes. Anyways, Here is the list of what has changed in 1.2: Version 1.2 "Barbados" ----------------- - Adds capabilities to have a wysiwyg on the front end - Adds the ability to select 'groups' as additional editors - Now the 'admin group' automatically has all permissions, not just the admin user - Add a new page where default settings for new pages can be set - Adds a new file manager - Enhance the use of permissions when adding or editing content - Adds a new 'print' plugin capable of generating pdf filees from one or more pages - News 2.5.1 * Moved the default summary and detail templates into their own tab * Adds An extra field - Fix issues with stylesheet name changes after hitting 'apply' - Fixes issues with spaces or underscores not being allowed in usernames - Fixes pagination issues in the admin log, and anywhere that uses the built in pagination functions. - Turn error reporting to E_ALL and turn display_errors on if debug mode is on. - You can no longer delete the admin group Notes:
  • This is the New 'Stable' version, the 1.1 branch will no longer be maintained, unless there are circumstances that force us to do so
  • We intend this to be the last version of the 1.x series unless there are critical bugs or security issues that pop up
  • Some items (particularly with frontend News that didn't appear in the beta cycle were not important enough to restart the beta process for, and therefore will be taken care of in subsequent versions of News
Many thanks to the considerable effort expended by numerous people in this beta cycle. Alot of people have put their time and effort into making this a stable release, so that we can have tiime to donate to 2.0 to make it an order of magnitude better than CMS already is (and that seems like it'll be a hard task).

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