Announcing CMS Made Simple - Critical Update

Posted: October 7, 2007 by Ted Kulp

The ChangeLog looks a little something like this: Version "Taga" -- October 07 2007 ----------------- - Fix one issue in adodb_lite that cropped up after release Version 1.1.4 "Taga" -- October 07 2007 ----------------- - Fixes an XSS issue in the anchor tag - Fixes an XSS issue in listtags - Adds a permission check to adduser.php - More fixes for potential security issues with adodb_lite - Added a permission check to view the admin log Sorry for everyone that got 1.1.4. Sometimes we jump the gun a little bit when there is pressure to get a security release out into everyone's hands. It's best that it was on a Sunday (and a holiday in some areas of the world), so hopefully not too many people were affected. If you were, I apologize. Thanks! Ted

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