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Posted: March 2, 2007 by Tatu Wikman

Today we will start a new article "Featured Site of the Week" which will show you some of the sites created with CMSMS usually found from "CMS Show Off" forum. This weeks site is brought to us by forum user kovver. I had the pleasure to interview him a bit about the site. tsw) Who are you and where are you going to? kovver) My name is David De Beukelaer and I'm studying in Holland for Waldorf teacher. Currently I live in Belgium and have studied art in Ghent. I work as a freelancer every once in a while, mostly making artwork for myself, but sometimes making sites for friends and relatives. I also do book illustrators and writing but only in dutch. tsw) So what is this site all about? kovver) Its the artist portfolio for me and a friend. I designed the whole concept in photoshop after styling the color palette. We will have regular updates on the site, mostly with links, archive products, etc... Me or my friend will do the updates. I did the design for this version. Another large project of mine is: which is mentioned in eight CSS galleries tsw) Why did you choose CMSMS? kovver) I discovered CMSMS a half year ago. I work with it when applicable and useful. Sometimes i write extras on it or fix bugs, etc. That makes me think that i should mention them more often, end even help on the development. If needed... tsw) How do you create your designs? kovver) Its very useful to make the design completely offline, in photoshop, with guides, color codes and separate layers. tsw) What have been your major problems with CMSMS? kovver) The largest problems are currently the bugs between IE opera safari and mozilla. tsw) But aren't those problems more CSS related than CMSMS? kovver) Mostly it is a horror experience for every designer, included the ones not using CMSMS, but. So to answer the questions above: no problems that can't be solved. tsw) How did the site launch go? kovver) I did not yet get pointers or opinions from others, because the site is only redesigned for three days now. I don't really know how much traffic I receive daily, some 3500 a month I suppose... tsw) In your own opinion what's good about this site and what's bad? What would you do differently? kovver) I’m recently developing an own style in web-designing which leads me to simplicity! I was wondering what makes a site worth looking at and in the meantime proudly presenting a clear overview, with valid XHTML. This is a new episode in my search for it. tsw) Thank you very much on taking the time to answer these questions. Now, what would you like to say to fellow CMSMS'ers. kovver)
  • Focus on your CSS skills, they are the basis
  • Try, if capable to contribute to the CMSMS development.
  • Make your designs in photoshop, know what you want before you change the css.
  • Post your designs, take a look and learn form others. Never copy, it might not satisfy!
  • I question the overload on css-galleries! So I'm looking for serious volunteers to make one board to connect them all, but how?
Destile webdign to an art. Because kovver says: style life into art. So take a look at and form your own opinion. We will try to continue this article series once a week to show you some of the backgrounds of the sites done in CMSMS.

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