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Posted: February 7, 2007 by signex

As a designer I love cmsms, its simple, its easy to use for editors, its stable and pretty clean. I found cmsms back when version 0.10 was introduced, now I loved it ever since but there is one thing that keeps bugging me. Cms Made Simple, by default, is pretty small but I for one don't like that the search module is shipped with it, in my opinion not even the news system should be shipped within. The install system (module manager) for modules is so easy that I don't see a reason why modules like news and search would be shipped with it, same goes for allot "user defined tags" off course I mean the ones not used in stock templates. When I build a small website I don't need most of these functions, and if I did I would just import them with the module manager. Most people with speed issues delete all unnecessary modules and functions to increase speed. Why not have it that way by default, its only a matter of seconds to import a module if you need one. This way cmsms would keep getting known as a simple system and easy to expand if needed. So for CMSMS 2.0 I would make the following changes to the module managing system. Make some changes to the module manager and get 3 tabs like.
  • One list of top 10 most used modules. Which could be news, search, FEU, FCKeditor, etc.
  • Functions list, all tested and stable functions ready to be imported for user defined tags.
  • All other modules the same way it is now.
This way there will be less unused files on your hosting account en get the most speed out of the system as possible. Drop a comment if you think different about this. regards, Signex / Benjamin

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