CMS Made Simple 1.0.3 Released!

Posted: January 18, 2007 by Ted Kulp

Yes, it's incredibly overdue, but it's finally released. This is basically just a bugfix and security release. It's released in both the full download version, and also a diff installation that you can overwrite an existing 1.0.2 installation with only changed files. The security issues were not major by any means, but it's still good to patch XSS issues. The ones we had were non-permanent and didn't cause any damage to your site, but they still needed addressing. The changelog goes as follows...
 Version 1.0.3 "Kauai" -- Jan 18 2007 ----------------- - Fixed several non-permenant XSS vulnerabilities - Fixed issue with breadcrumbs plugin displaying root node multiple times - Fixed issue with multiple events being entered - Removed global references to $db from the admin and include.php - Added a "Modify Events" permission - Added event for "Change Group Permissions" - Added ability to select a file for the Link content type - Added ability to specify default boilerplate page content - Fixed print plugin output so that it's xhtml compliant - Added text direction to languages for suppot of languages like Hebrew and Arabic - Fixed issue where 2 installs on the same domain shared login sessions - Fixed issue with contact form with pretty_urls turned on - Fixed issue with LoadStylesheets() not loading the modified date - Changed search schema layout. Now allows for expiration dates on entries - Changed the icon for global content so that it doesn't look like the Gentoo logo - Fixed issue with expanding content in the content list when user didn't have the Add Page perission - Added catpcha module support to the contact_form plugin (you still need to manually install the Captcha module for this to work) - Added messages when admin log is cleared - Much much more 

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