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CMSMS 1.0.2 Speed Issues

Posted January 18, 2007 by 3dcandy

Hi all, It has come to my attention that one of the biggest topics on the forum regarding CMSMS is a speed issue. Although 2.0 will have a page caching feature, 1.0.2 can suffer sometimes from slow page loads. To combat this, you should try uninstalling and deleting all unnecessary modules that you have in your setup. This can quite often lead to a nice speedup! Don't forget that custom tags that are installed can slowdown page loads and also unused translations... In the meantime, there is also a tag available which replaces the current content tag with ccontent. This caches the content and has resulted in a nice speedup on the sites I have tested it on. Thanks to cyberman for this! To download the cache tags, please goto Bear in mind that you will have to alter the template and/or stylesheet that your site uses to make the cache tags work! Right then, till the release of 2.0, bear these points in mind to keep your site nice and responsive... Regards Ade (3dcandy)

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