About this Website

The CMS Made Simple Website is, of course, built using CMSMS. This is not only because we (the Dev Team who maintain the site) find it to be the most convenient and powerful tool available, but also to illustrate that to you. We built CMSMS to be the best; why would we use anything else?

To illustrate the simplicity of converting any template to CMS Made Simple, this site is built on the Porto Responsive HTML5 Template available from ThemeForest. The website is regularly updated to adapt to the needs of both the software it is designed to promote and the community it is built to support.

What modules do you use?

This website uses a variety of modules that are currently available. We also code specific modules and user defined tags (UDTs) to use on this site. Currently, the full list of third-party modules we have running on the site is as follows:

  • Banners
  • CGBlog
  • CGContentUtils
  • CGExtensions
  • CGFBApp
  • CGFeedback
  • CGJobMgr
  • CGSimpleSmarty
  • CGSmartImage
  • CompanyDirectory
  • FormBuilder
  • FrontEndUsers
  • JMFilePicker
  • JQueryTools
  • LISE
  • SitemapMgr

Not all of the modules are in use all the time, but as you can see we have a wide range of tools for the jobs we require.

Who updates it?

Updating this site is a community effort. Numerous people have accounts that give them various levels of access to the site to do regular maintenance, fix errors, and tweak the content here and there. If you're willing to help, we would be happy to hear from you.

What about the forum?

We use phpBB for our forum because we feel it meets our needs best, and it saved us from having to write one from scratch.

A theme was written for phpBB that allows us to duplicate the menu and some of the colors from the main CMS site and implement it on phpBB.... we don't use iframes, or any other tricks.

The only creative thing done on the forum is the menus. Our theme designer wrote some creative (but simple when you look at it) code that extracts the menu structure dynamically from the CMS Made Simple website on a regular basis, so that changes made in the site structure on the website automatically appear on the forum menus.

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