Maintenance Release: CMS Made Simple v2.2.9.1

Maintenance Release: CMS Made Simple v2.2.9.1

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Posted: February 4, 2019 by digi3

In order to fix a few significant, though easy to remedy issues in CMSMS we have decided to release an interim version.

This version fixes these issues:

  1. The phar installer has been upgraded to handle the edge case where the PHP memory limit was set to -1 (no preset limit).
  2. A minor fix was added to MicroTiny when displaying error messages.
  3. An edge case in the \CMSMS\Database\Connection::DBTimeStamp() method was fixed which affected the creation of timestamps with malformed input. This mostly affected CGCalendar.
  4. A fix to the CmsLayoutStylesheetQuery class that affected when the name argument was subject to the {cms_stylesheet} tag.
  5. We encourage you to upgrade your sites at your earliest convenience.

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