Announcing CMSMS 2.2.3 - Happy Adventure

Announcing CMSMS 2.2.3 - Happy Adventure

Continuing with our commitment to quality code, we are announcing the release of 2.2.3 "Happy Adventure."

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Posted: August 26, 2017 by calguy1000

Hello everybody,

Continuing with our commitment to quality code, we are announcing the release of 2.2.3 "Happy Adventure."

This is a general stability release addressing numerous minor to moderate issues throughout CMSMS, including issues with mixed HTTPS sites, with numbers in page aliases, and with module installation and editing. We have also tweaked the asynchronous job manager and fixed issues with spaces in content block names. These are issues which affect most users of CMSMS.

We also reverted the protocol-less URI functionality introduced in CMSMS 2.2 as this caused various problems with link generation that were not detected in the beta testing period.

Some important things to note are:

In the News module, for security purposes, we no longer urldecode the detailtemplate parameter. This means that under certain conditions you may need to make some modifications to your calls to the News module. Those conditions are:

  • Your detailtemplate has a name that contains extended characters
  • You are calling the News module in a WISYWIG controlled block

Note: It is generally considered a bad idea to call logic blocks like {News} from within WYSIWYG controlled areas. WYSIWYGs are for editors, editors typically do not need to know the internals of CMSMS. As well, typically this generates invalid HTML.

Additionally, The FileManager and FilePicker will no longer allow anybody to directly upload PHP files. This was actually reported as a security vulnerability (thank you to, and though we do not typically address reports requiring malicious intent from trusted admin users, we did change the functionality to make it that much more difficult for editors to corrupt your web application.

As usual, a complete list of the items fixed and changed are available in the changelog that is displayed during the upgrade process and included with the release.

The CMSMS Dev Team now only officially supports CMSMS 2.2.3 and CMSMS 2.2.2 Therefore, it is to your advantage to upgrade as soon as possible.

Thank you, and have fun with CMSMS.

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