Will your customers help us?

Will your customers help us?

As you may know, CMS Made Simple is entering the CMS Critic Awards 2017. We are currently working to get into the nomination shortlist. Why? Well, it will help raise the CMSMS profile. That can make it easier when pitching the software to new prospective clients by giving you some external source that rates CMSMS highly too. That makes your sale (and your life) easier! Simple!

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Posted: July 24, 2017 by scotch33

Last week we asked you to nominate us in the BEST OPEN SOURCE CMS category. This week we are going one stage further - would you be prepared to ask your customers to do the same? It's a great way to connect with your customers without selling to them, remind them of the fantastic CMS that runs their site, and make them feel a part of the community too! We've even written a base email for you to customise and send. It follows below.

The Email:

"Dear Customer,

Today we are asking for your help. You've probably noticed that your website is powered by software called CMS Made Simple. Well the software has been entered in the CMS Critic Awards for 2017. We want to help them do well.

Why? Because if they do well it raises the software’s profile. That means more developers, designers and users get involved. That turns into even more improvements and features in future versions. And that means more improvements for your website.

So, by helping us help them, you're actually helping yourself!

Helping will take less than a couple of minutes. All you need to do is go to the link below. Then fill in the quick form. Nominate 'CMS Made Simple' in the BEST OPEN SOURCE CMS category.

In the box that asks 'Please describe why you are nominating this product / service' put something simple like 'It runs my website' with a link to the website address to the people at CMS Critic can check it out. Then click to send it across to CMS Critic.

That’s it!

Please only fill in the form once – we don’t want to spam the lovely people over at CMS Critic and that might invalidate your nomination.

Nominate CMSMS now! Go to https://www.cmscritic.com/awards/2017-web-nominations/

Thanks, Your web developer"

Have a great day! Your CMSMS Development Team.

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