GeekMoot Presentations Preview

GeekMoot Presentations Preview

Geekmoot grows closer! With less than a month before early-bird tickets are no longer availablee, we thought we'd give you a taster of some of the exciting presentations that are in the offing.

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Posted: April 13, 2016 by scotch33

The Keynote Speech: We're delighted that our lead programmer, Robert Campbell (calguy1000), is again able to fly over from Canada and join us. He'll be giving the keynote speech that heralds the start of the conference part of the three day event (days two and three). This year's keynote will be looking at the future of CMSMS, both where we are heading technically and how we are developing as a community. With so many innovations to be talked about, this is one not to miss.

Website Live Launch Check List. From the community, Paul Baker, one of our experienced website builders using CMSMS, who has attended many GeekMoots in the past, is presenting his definitive list of the final checks and tests to get a CMSMS site really 'popping' before going live. It will be of interest to both website designers and builders in the audience.

Troubleshooting in CMSMS. Dev Team member Greg Prosser will be presenting a 'must see' lecture on troubleshooting. At some point, we’ve all been there - something stops working, a page crashes, an update fails… You know the drill. CMSMS has multiple tools to aid in tracking things down in addition to the standard error messages. This presentation outlines some of the key steps that will not only help you in trying to resolve the issue, but will help immensely in terms of getting all of the information you can, in order to get help from the forum and/or Dev Team.

Reporting Functions with CMSMS. In addition to the basic reporting that CMSMS core can produce, it is perfectly possible to use third party modules to provide comprehensive reports on many aspects of a website. This presentation looks at how that can be achieved and show cases a website that does just that! If you have ever had a customer who really wanted to get detailed information out of their site, this presentation is for you.

Copyrights and Licensing. Do you know your rights and responsibilities within the general public license that CMSMS uses? How about the modules? This presentation will help to put you in the picture, making sure that you understand fully how it all works and know where to find the information you need to make sure your shiny new client site complies as it should.

CMSMS as an application foundation. One of the great strengths of CMSMS is how it can be used to build complex web applications by combining modules in a custom way and writing custom modules from scratch. This presentation looks at those methods and touch on the advantages CMSMS has over other open source content management systems.

Preparing CMSMS as an Application Foundation. Looking at the same subject as above, this presentation takes a different angle. How do you translate your customer's ideas into a working specification that a module developer can work with? Dev Team member John Scotcher will talk from his early experiences and mistakes through to working on successful application websites. If you ever need to project manage complicated site builds, including client expectation and developer communication, this is for you.  Â

Other presentations in the offing include 'Smarty and Template Inheritance', 'The Big Leap - Moving From 1.12 to 2.0 for the Nervous', 'CMSMS in a Design-Based World' and many more. The full schedule will be announced at the beginning of July. So giving you this taster, we are sure, will help you to take advantage of those early bird tickets before it's too late. We're looking forward to seeing you there.


Go over to the GeekMoot website now to find out more!

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