CMS Made Simple 1.0.4 Released!

Posted: January 23, 2007 by Ted Kulp

Just a quick bugfix release. The reason is was pushed out quickly was because of issues installing on Windows machines, and had to be handled immediately. It also fixes two different problems with breadcrumbs that people were reporting. We've thrown in a couple of extra bugfixes as well. The ChangeLog looks like:
 Version 1.0.4 "Lanai" -- Jan 23 2007 ----------------- - Fixed issue with number of queries not showing up properly at the end of index.php - Fixed issues with breadcrumbs, including nodes not showing up and duplicate nodes showing - Fixed the warning that showed up in the 25 to 26 upgrade script if you didn't have any events - Fixed bug with installer where it doesn't write windows paths correctly - Fixed issue with Search where it would mess with the letter case when showing the highlighted text 

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