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The developers are always hanging out in channel #cms on irc.freenode.net.

Most development related conversation happens there, not to mention general chat as well. We promise we won't bite and (we try to) never flame for asking a question.

Please keep in mind that nobody is paid to offer support in the #cms channel. Be respectful, and make sure you have searched the manual and forums first.

How to connect

Here are step-by-step instructions on how you can connect to the #cms channel with the the most common IRC clients. For a great how-to on IRC in general, check out this link. It's good reading.


The easiest way is to use webchat. Open this link and login: http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=cms

ChatZilla (for the browsers Mozilla, SeaMonkey and Firefox)

  1. Download and install from here.
  2. Connect, using either of these alternatives:
    1. Easiest: Click this link: irc://irc.freenode.net/#cms
    2. Other ways to connect:
      1. Start the ChatZilla session using one of the following methods:
        • In Mozilla Suite or SeaMonkey, Window -> IRC Chat.
        • In Mozilla Firefox, Tools -> ChatZilla.
        • In Mozilla Firefox, you can also place an ChatZilla button on your toolbar.
        • You can also start the browser with the
          command line option. This will launch ChatZilla instead of a browser front end.
        • You can type an IRC URL in the URL bar. Type just
          to launch ChatZilla and connect to your default channels.
      2. Click on Freenode in the moznet tab.
      3. Type
        /join #cms
        in the message field.


  1. Install it
    • on Debian: apt-get install pidgin
    • on Gentoo: emerge sync; emerge pidgin
    • on Windows: download the installer and follow instructions (wizard installer)
  2. Launch it
    • Linuxish: command line: pidgin
    • Windows: Run from start menu or desktop icon
  3. Add IRC account
    • Click the 'accounts' option, or find 'accounts' in the tools menu
    • Select 'add' to create a new IRC account
    • Set the protocol to 'IRC' in the dropdown
    • choose a screenname (nick in IRC terms)
    • Type irc.freenode.net in the server field
    • Press 'OK'
  4. Log in
    • From the Account Editor dialog, check the box next to the account you just added in the 'online' column
    • You can close the account editor now :)
  5. Join #cms
    • In the 'Buddies' menu, select 'Add a chat...'
    • From the drop down select your IRC account
    • Type #cms in the channel
    • Press 'OK'


You can find help and support for mIRC here.

If you have Internet Explorer with mIRC installed, then you may be able to connect by clicking this link: irc://irc.freenode.net/cms.


  1. Download and install the free version of Trillian for Windows (Free)
  2. Click on the white dot in the Trillian panel (the IRC dot) and Manage Connections.
    • Click Add a new connection at the bottom and select IRC.
      • Server Alias: Type freenode (what the connection will be called)
      • Server Address (by default it may say for example irc.trillian.com:6667 in that field): Type irc.freenode.net here
      • Nickname: Type your desired nickname
      • Username: Can be the same as nickname
      • User Info: Usally put your name in there but can really be anything
      • Click Connect to connect
  3. To automatically join the #cms channel when connecting to IRC, do like this:
    1. Click on the white dot in the Trillian panel (the IRC dot) and Manage Connections.
    2. Click Change
    3. Make sure that the checkbox for After successful connection to this IRC server... is checked.
    4. Type /join #cms and save settings.

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