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CMS Made Simple Newsletters.

Would you like to be informed via email about important events related to CMS Made Simple?  We maintain two very low traffic mailing lists to inform to inform you of what's new and important with your favorite content management system.

CMS Made Simple Announcements:

This low traffic mailing list is perhaps the most important, it is used to announce important events related to CMSMS.  Like when new releases are issued, for donation drives, to announce geek moots, etc.

CMS Made Simple Translators:

Announcements about updates to core and modules that will be released soon are sent from here. With this list we also try to give announcement some time before the releases are done so the translators get a hint about new strings to translate in Translation Center. This is a low traffic mailing list.


To subscribe to our newsletters, please fill in the fields below.  You wil then receive an email asking you to validate your email address.  This is so that somebody else doesn't kindly subscribe on your behalf without you knowing it.

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Our Newsletter mailing lists are only to allow us to share information with you. As well, because the team at CMSMS values privacy as much as you do, we will never share your email address or any other private information with others. The intraweb already has too much spam.

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