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"I love CMS Made Simple™" logo

Download the image below (transparent png), publish it on your web site and link it to http://www.cmsmadesimple.org. If you want to download the images in different sizes or for a darker background, click here (zip file, 104Kb).

I love CMS Made Simple logo

Media kit

Click the image to download our 2010 media kit. If you have any questions or suggestions for our marketing department, feel free to contact us:
For USA / Canada: marketing@cmsmadesimple.org
For Europe: anne@cmsmadesimple.org

CMS Made Simple 2010 media kit


Here are some images that you can use on your site to promote the fact that you're using CMS Made Simple. Please don't link directly to the images on this site. Copy them to your server first.

Please also note that the top three images are in the PNG32 format. This means that the file sizes are slightly larger than comparitive images at these sizes but the benefit of this format is that they should allow anti-aliasing against almost any background. Please reformat if you require GIF or PNG8 format.

CMSMS New Logo 2010 PNG32

CMSMS New Logo 2010 PNG32

CMSMS New Logo 2010 PNG32

CMS Logo Small

CMS Logo Small 2

The font used in the CMSMS logo is HouseGothic23 from House Industries

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