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CMS Made Simple Professional Services

The CMS Made Simple development team offers various professional services for the web developer that needs a bit more support, or needs something a little bit different:

Support Contracts

So, you are creating a new CMS Made Simple website for a very important customer, and you are concerned about "what if something goes wrong". For example, if the host changes something, or the site gets hacked, or some unexpected thing happens up and you need it fixed quickly, and properly. You are wondering... "What can I do?"

It is for purposes like this that various members of the development team offer support contracts. A support contract assures your client that if something unexpected pops up, a professional and experienced programmer with intimate knowledge of the CMS Made Simple will be available within a reasonable time to either take care of the problem personally, or to assist you via telephone, or video chat, etc in resolving the issue.

Support contracts are nominally priced, are usually on a per-site basis, for a fixed number of "tickets" and are for a limited time period (like a year). Think of it like an insurance policy. If something goes wrong that you don't know how to fix, Somebody is there for you.

Your clients will probably feel more secure knowing that there is ongoing technical support for their business-critical website.

Hire a Dev

Software Development

So you have a number of websites running CMS Made simple already, and all is working well, but this new site that you are working on is a bit different, and you're going to need some functionality that CMS doesn't have yet? or a slight changes in the behaviour of some of the existing functionality. Where can you go?

The CMS Made Simple development team can work with you to determine a solution to your problem. Either by modifying some existing code, or by writing something new.

We have a vast amount of experience working with, and developing on the CMS Made Simple Framework (after all, we wrote it).

Most of the development team members work on a pay for time mechanism. And for a nominal fee, you can probably get one of the dev team members to adjust their schedule to help you out.

What About Larger Projects?

We can handle that too. Many of the modules that are available for CMS Made Simple were sponsored by members of our community that love our package and its flexibility, but needed some functionality that was not yet available. Maybe you can become another valued sponsor.

You can contact a Development Team member, and work with them to sponsor a project on a contract basis. Usually fees for these contracts are based on a regular consulting rate.

Is The "Dev Team" a Corporation or a Company?

Actually, no, we're a loosely coupled group of independent contractors that work together. We collaborate and contribute to CMS Made Simple, to the various add-ons, and on issues like support contracts.

We work independently because we're in many different locations spread around the world, and it is just easier that way. However, we're always ready to help each other out, and spell off each other for various reasons. i.e.: If one of us is going on vacation, other members are willing to cover for him for support contract issues. Similarly, if somebody is just too busy with other projects, he'd be more than happy to recommend another appropriate Dev Team member to help you.

Can I hire a Dev Team member?

You can read more information about us here, or go straight to our Hire a Dev page. If you have further questions you would like to ask, but don't want to contact anybody directly yet, you can feel free to ask a question on our forum. We hope to hear from you soon.

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